1965 ASA 1000 GT

1000 GT
Displacement (cc)
Manufacturing Year
Body Style
Matching Colors & Numbers
Matching Colors & Numbers
External color
Internal color
Light Brown
Manual 4 Speed with Overdrive
ASI Gold Plate
sold on 23.11.2020

*Chassis No. 100*01180
*Bodywork: Bertone
*Design: Giorgetto Giugiaro
*Ext. Color: Green
*Int. Color: Brown Leather
*Engine No. 173/115 Matching Number
*Engine Type: 1092/07 - 1092 cc - 104 HP (ASA 411 versione corsa)
*Displacement: 1092 cc
*Gearbox: 4 Speed with overdrive
*Year of Manufacture: 1965
*First Registration: Catania (Italy, Sicily)
*Certificate of Historical Importance: Registro FIAT No. 77/20
*Automotoclub Storico Italiano Certificate No. 128/P of 1965 and No. 12262
*Odometer reading: 91832 kms
*Overhauling: regular

The History
It is known how much Enzo Ferrari insisted that all cars bearing his name should have 12 cylinders, but the importance of increasing the revenue stream to support the Racing Department convinced him in 1959 to also develop an engine of small displacement.
This engine saw the light in 1961, with a prototype nicknamed "Ferrarina" with Bertone bodywork, which was presented at the Turin Auto Exhibition of the same year, which immediately aroused much interest especially from a group of drivers of the time, such as Gerino Gerini, Lorenzo Bandini and Giancarlo Baghetti, who created an ad hoc company called Autocostruzioni Società per Azioni (ASA) for the production of this model.
This already prestigious team was soon joined by the engineer Giotto Bizzarrini, at that time head of engine development at Ferrari, who made a fundamental contribution to the development of the prototype.
Thus it was that at the Turin Motor Show in 1962, the elegant ASA 1000 GT was presented, whose production began only in 1964. Although well designed and beautifully designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the car immediately proved too expensive, to the point that in three years later and before the closure of the factory in 1967, only 96 were built, apart from about twenty spiders and special versions.
The production of the new coupé took place in the Bertone factories, while the distribution and sale was entrusted to the Ferrari sales network.

Our ASA 1000 GT
The green livery complements perfectly the restrained and concise styling of this little copuè, and the biscuit colored upholstery is impeccable. The compact interior has a sporty feel worty of a big GT car, with its three-spoke wooden steering wheel and dashboard boasting six instruments positioned neatly in front of  the driver. The engine is in fact a "slice" of the V12 engine of a 250 GT, four cylinders that produces 87HP at 7000 RPM, and as the car only wheights 780Kg it is capable of 190 Km/h. It was to Sicily, and more precisely to the town of Catania, that this ASA 1000 GT was delivered new, to Francesco Biondi. In 2004, it passed into the hands of Aldo Cicognini, none other than the President of the International ASA Register, the only recognized club for the marque. A passionate ASA enthusiast, he worked for a long time for the De Nora family, the family who created the brand Autocostruzioni Società per Azioni, ASA. Mr. Cicognini was extremely qualified to restore his own car, seeking out the best craftsmen in Milan to carry out a restoration that approached perfection. During restoration it was discovered that the car was indeed green, as the original color was found under the old red paint. The result is splendid, with not the slightest detail left to chance, right down to period accessories such as the boot-straps holding the kack in place and the SNAP exhaust tips. The engine was completely redone in 2018, at a cost of 32'000€ (Invoice available.)
This ASA 1000 GT is 1 of the 96 cars built in coupé from 1964 to 1966. The car was delivered new to Francesco Biondi from Catania (IT) on 11/15/1965, with a CT 135600 license plate. In 1979 it was sold to Mr. Luciani, a collector from Chieti who kept the car in the courtyard of his home for many years and changed its color to red. In 2000 the car was partially restored by the Officina La Rosa in Milan, which was subsequently put into bankruptcy and the car sold at auction. In 2004 it was purchased by Aldo Cicognini of Milan, President of the ASA International Register. In 2005, after 10 months of work, the total restoration of the car was completed by the Terzi workshop in Treviglio and the Girola workshop in Saronno. In the same year the car obtained the ASI Certification. In 2006 the car took part in the Villa d'Este Elegance Competition. In 2018 the engine was restored as new for an amount of € 32,000
The paint is shiny and compact, while the fine polished and perfectly chromed bumpers are free from imperfections. The interior of the car appears bright and sophisticated. In the central position, from the transmission tunnel stands the short-lined gear lever sunk in a soft yellow leather boot. Internally, the passenger compartment has two seats, divided by the transmission tunnel, in pure Italian style and with true Gran Turismo features, characterized by Jaeger instrumentation, leather luggage straps and in general by the accuracy of the finishes. The seats, in soft yellow leather, contribute greatly to increasing the chromatic impact with the deep green of the exteriors, as well as the interior sky of the passenger compartment, in the same color as the seats, is enriched by a sophisticated perforated texture. The rear trunk is definitely roomy for a small 1960s coupe. The engine is in Concours d'Elegance's condition today. All components are clean and perfectly allocated as in the original factory layout. Although of small displacement, this engine develops 100 HP thanks to the two powerful horizontal Weber 40 DCOE double-barrel carburettors and, thanks to the car's low weight, pushes the Ferrarina well beyond 180 km / h, a respectable speed for the years' 60.

This ASA 1000 GT is accompanied by extensive documentation available to its next buyer:
- User manual
- Copy of the Italian registration documents
- Original black plates
- Copy of the last Italian registration document of 2005
- Original ASI gold plate from 2006
- Copy of the ASI Identity Certificate
- Copy of the 2006 ACI-CSAI regularity form
- Article from April 2008 of "Automobilismo d'Epoca"
- Service invoice history
- Photos of the restorations

Today the ASA 1000 GT Coupé is a very rare sports car with rather stable prices and, given the small number of units produced, it has been the object of desire of the most refined collectors since its presentation.
Today it is possible to view the car online, by booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.

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