The Classic Car is one of the best capital good nowadays.

In a period in which it is increasingly difficult to understand where to allocate our wealth, deciding to invest in the classic car market, it means to follow your passion for cars but also a passion for success.

One of the best advice for financial investment should always be to diversify between bonds and equities, also considering those goods that gives the best return in terms of money and market performance.

Based on research by leading global stakeholders in the world of financial investments such as the Coutts Index and K500, collector cars have been in the Top 5 of the best performing luxury goods since 2005.

In particular, for classic cars, which belong to collectibles goods, prices tripled in 2018 when compared to 2005, making a huge return on investment and being the best asset in terms of performance despite the large fluctuations of the market.

The analysis of the auction results made on some of the most valuable cars, the Lancia Stratos in 2022 has undergone an increase in its value equal to about 20% compared to 2019, doubling in value compared to that of 2012.
The Ferrari Testarossa, on the other hand, last year doubled its value compared to 2020, marking a total of about +150% for the "Monodado - Monospecchio" version compared to 2019.
Also in 2022, the Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione increased its value by about 40% compared to 2020, equal to +150% compared to 2017 for the Martini 5 e Martini 6.

A very important and unique aspect is that the value of classic cars also increases through their use, reduced taxes when compared to other investment goods. In short, a real and tangible return on investment.

Investing in the classic market guarantees not only a secure return in the medium to long term, but also a hugely successful strategic choice able to link passions to something more.

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