Are you tired of your vehicle? Exchange it!

Ruote da Sogno is the first player in the world that offers a service of exchange different from the normal cars with cars and/or bikes with bikes.
Other than the classic movement, there is the possibility to exchange Classic Cars with Classic Motorbikes and viceversa. In any moment you will be able to choose between 2 or 4 wheels: our specialist will take care of your request.
If you own a motorbikes collection and you want to change it, you will have your dream car in exchange; otherwise you can change your Classic Car, Yountimer or an Instant Classic that you don't use anymore with a selection of motorbikes of your choice, no matter the age or brand.

Ask our Specialist: we will take car of your request as soon as possible.

The economic profit for the customer is pretty clear: exchange every kind of Cars or Motorbikes collections with an other of the same (or bigger) value. This is a new and groundbreaking business opportunity in order to remake this heritage great again.
In the last two years the "exchange system" has taken hold in Car & Motorbikes market, satisfyng each parts of the trade-in, without the risk to lose money or give up new desires.

Why would you exchange with us?

  • A full Specialized Team will help you during the whole trade
  • We will make an evaluation on the authenticity and the real price of every vehicle
  • Our administrative Team will take car of consultancy and paperwork handling
  • We guarantee the regular maintenance of all our vehicle