Dallara F392 Ex Giancarlo Fisichella: Formula 3 old school one-seater.

Dallara Automobili is one of the most historic and important brands in the world for racing car chassis production. Although the success of Dallara has established itself in recent years with the creation of the "Stradale", the first road car produced by the brand, a large part of the victories of the various world teams in the races are thanks to the manufacture and excellence of the chassis produced in Dallara.

The official debut of the brand took place in 1981, with the Dallara F381, with an aluminum monocoque frame, with which the driver Roberto Ravaglia placed fifth in the final classification of the Italian Formula 3 Championship. This was the beginning of the great career, of the long tradition that takes us to 1992, the year in which Dallara presented the F392, with numerous contributions to aerodynamics. The starting grids of the 1992 Formula 3 Championship races were teeming with Dallara, the best car on the track at the time, so much so that in all 12 races of the championship the Italian single-seaters always occupied the first 10 positions, monopolizing the competitions. In championships around the world the F392 was starting to impose itself on the other manufacturers, Ralts and Reynard for example, as in France where the F392 finished the championship in first and second position.

What we are facing is a very special Dallara F392, we could call it unique for its history.

It's the 1992, and a young but talented Giancarlo Fisichella takes part in the F3 Championship aboard a Ralt RT36 of Team Ravarotto. The performance of the British car is not up to the Italian counterpart, and during the stage at the Mugello International Circuit, a brake failure sends Fisichella and Ralt directly into the barriers, making the car unusable for subsequent races.

So it was that for the last race of the Championship Team Ravarotto used a Dallara F392, the same one we are driving and admiring. Under an incessant rain at the Autodromo di Imola, the young Giancarlo Fisichella won his first race, for the last stage of 1992, the first of a long series of successes.

Equipped with the most chosen and efficient engine available in those years, the F392 was powered by the Alfa Romeo Twin Spark Novamotor engine, a 4-cylinder 2000 displacement mated to a 5-speed "dogleg" manual Hewland gearbox (i.e. with the first downwards).
Today, as then, the car is decidedly snappy, a thoroughbred that rattles to race: inside the cockpit you merge with the narrow body of the Dallara. Finding the mechanisms is not easy, with the clutch that detaches at a centimeter of stroke and the gear lever that caresses the right leg with each climb. The engine of the Novamotor is a fury when it runs very high, with the right power that oblige you to a very clean ride and a progressive thrust from 5000 rpm upwards. An old-school experience that has trained generations of very fast Italian drivers on the track, like Fisichella himself.

After 29 years, the desire to race this Dallara F392 and the fun it can give are still at hand, if you are kind and give of her to what a "lady" racing car.
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