Meeting, Conventions and Corporate Events Safely

Ruote da Sogno has been re-organized to grant a more and more professional service in accordance with the Anti-Covid19 Regulations. The Events Corporation, increasingly strategic and essential for the companies, has been totally rebuilt in order to grant the possibility to organize marvelous physical events with a special attention to the location and the advanced technology. In the 2020 we have learned that we need interpersonal meeting and corporates conventions: we must procede stronger and enthustiast than before to re-launch our Country. Ruote da Sogno, a “one-of-a-kind” location in the World, starts againg with the precautions in order to fight the Covid-19: thanks to the 8000 Sq and to a totally new layout, Ruote da Sogno is able to grant the social distancing required from the Anti-Covid19 regulations, but in the meantime there is room for a large number of guests into our spaces. Safety, distancing, smart solutions, new layouts: those are key words of a Business that makes excellence in service and offer its distinguishing feature.

Our customers may ask for a hybrid solution, with the chance to transmit the events on Live Stream or to make a conference call for customers those are not able to join the event.

All our events will be organized in accordance with current legislation:
  • Ad hoc spaces to welcome our guest safely
  • Body temperature measurement
  • Dispenser with hand sanitizer
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of all the rooms
  • Warranty of distancing
  • Sanization of the ventilation system
  • Well-Trained staff with required safety devices
  • Catering with single-dose box or table service
Ruote da Sogno: a unique place to boots your Business with, lead by a experienced and professional staff ready to satisfy every customer need on full safety

An unforgettable experience

We love to design and create unique events. From a complete sharing with the customer, analyzing the project, communication strategy and budget, the perfect solution for the involvement and for an optimal partnership of all the actors involved. Innovative emotional paths for a refined seduction of guests. A fascinating journey between show, food, motors and beauty.

Exceptional partners

Inserted into an entrepreneurial texture rich in technical expertise, excellence and networking capabilities, Ruote Da Sogno can benefit from partnerships and collaborations that are relevant to any type of event.

Business center

Spazi di lavoro informali, ideali per meeting, workshop e incontri riservati. Un giorno, una settimana, un mese o un periodo indeterminato.

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