A location made to achieve high-level events, spread on more than 8000 square meters, split in customizable areas.
Ruote da Sogno is a very flexible and versatile workspace: we can create different expo areas to handle more workshop simultaneously.


Our meeting rooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology, audio, video, lights, and stages to make every event unforgettable.
Our guest will have a particular entryway, to welcome them with an emotional and amazing atmosphere.

The direction stands out as “command deck” Ruote da Sogno’s stages: advanced hi-tech solutions will ensure an enjoyable experience for our guests.
A full soundproofing coating of all the rooms and a modern surround sound system, allow us to have several events simultaneously.

On request, our guest can visit Ruote da Sogno’s Workshop: beating heart of the company and pure joy for enthusiasts and collectors from the world: an emotional tour to narrate how engines changed through the years since the beginning of the twentieth century.
Our Services complete the all-in-one offer: hospitality, transfer, search for accommodation, event planner full support & hostess.


Ruote da Sogno lies in the beating heart of Motor Valley, in Emilia-Romagna.
Our region is a beacon for passion for engines, agonism and legends from motorbike to cars to motorbikes: here were born and live the manufacturers of some of the most important brands in the world such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani, Dallara and Ducati.

Our atelier is in Reggio Emilia, a strategic point, a few minutes distant from the MedioPadana AV train station, designed by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava, near the airport of Bologna and only about twenty kilometers far from the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello.

Don’t forget to mention the Emilian Food Valley, that Ruote da Sogno wants to enhance, offering to guests gastronomic tour into food tradition.
We work together with local catering or starred Italian chefs, cooking inside the marvellous Crystal Kitchen, fantastic “crystal cube” made for show cooking during private diner or lunch.

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First Floor


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