From 21 May 2022 To 22 May 2022 • Open Day

Open Day Ruote da Sogno - Adrenaline 24

Two days dedicated to the passion for cars and motorbikes: this year the Open Day weekend signed by Ruote da Sogno ends with a record turnout that exceeded 2,000 admissions.
On the occasion of the first day, in collaboration with Adrenaline24h, we organized a themed conference with guests of the highest level: Giancarlo Fisichella and Lucio Cecchinello entertained the audience of fans with their stories.

We thank all those who participated in making these days unique and first of all the sponsors of the event: Peluso Automotive Group Srl, AxL Reggio Emilia - Employment Agency, BMW Motorrad Onorio Moto, Harley-Davidson OnorioMoto.