1965 Ford Shelby Cobra

Shelby Cobra
The Cobra was the product of a brilliant intuition on the part of Carroll Shelby, a well-known American race car driver who also participated in a number of Formula 1 competitions.
What Shelby set out to create was an elegant melting of body, power and English design with a powerful American V8 engine, ready to sign its autograph on the asphalt. Thus was born one of the fastest GTs of the day, which in 1963 won the American Championship for standard-production cars.
The Cobra went through a number of transformations, from "Shelby AC", to "AC", to" Ford" to the final stage of its evolution, with which it concluded its career in 1964: to counter the incredible power of Ferraris, the extravagant Big Block 427 engine, capable of delivering over 500 HP, was installed in the Cobra. Even today, that engine is still able to amaze drivers who get behind the wheel of this “old school” racing car.
Today the Cobra is particularly admired by many race car drivers and gentlemen drivers alike when it tears along the track at historic car races like those at the Goodwood Revival Meeting, where Cobras do “roaring” battle with extremely pricey Ferraris for the length of the competition.
The specimen that we propose, a faithful copy of the Cobra 427 with the Big Block 427 engine, is available for sale at the Ruote da Sogno showroom in Reggio Emilia.