1973 Citroen D Super 5 - film "MADE IN ITALY"

DS Super 5 - film "MADE IN ITALY"
Engine Size
€ 17,000

Ruote da Sogno presents this evocative 1973 Citroen DSuper5, which plays a starring role in the recent film "Made in Italy" directed by Luciano Ligabue. In fact, this DS is the car in which a restless Stefano Accorsi and a detached Kasia Smutniak ride, on the backdrop of the beautiful but imperfect Italy of the ’70s where the plot of the film unfolds. This DS Super has remained intact according to the original equipment desired by the director for shooting the film. As regards the history of the DS in general, when it was first presented to the public in 1955, André Citroën, founder of the company bearing his name, declared to the journalists: "I want French children to say not ‘give me my toy car’ but ‘give me my Citroën’.” Hence the origin of the myth of the “shark”, which was its nickname in Italy for its resemblance to the voracious predator of the seas. In France, on the other hand, where grandeur is right at home, its name was almost whispered with a bit of snobbery by its fans, who pronounced it “déesse”, meaning “goddess”. Still today, after 1,300,000 units produced, this vieille dame continues to charm with its eternal elegance thanks to the extraordinariness of its unmistakable design. The car is in excellent condition and is available at our showroom in Reggio Emilia.


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