Engine Size
Mileage (km)
Body Style
Body colour
Metallic Blue
Interior colour
Light Brown
Manual 5 Speed
€ 220,000

* Chassis No. ZA9DEO7A0MLA12166
* External color: Metallic Blue
* Interior color: Light beige
* Maximum power: 361 kW (492 hp) at 6800 rpm.
* Gearbox: 5-speed manual
* Date and place of first registration: 22/05/1991 - Belgium
* Date and place of last registration: 23/01/2003 - Villena Spain - License plate 8929 CFF
* Approval: REM2301032592 - General Directorate of Traffic - Madrid

The History
The Diablo can be considered without doubt, the supercar par excellence of the nineties.
Presented in 1990, it immediately became the most iconic and evocative car of that period. His collectible posters and models adorned bedrooms, workshops, studios and showrooms, making entire generations of enthusiasts who grew up in the 90s dream.
1991 (the year of our car) represented an important year of transition for Lamborghini, both for the production exit of the now dated Countach, and for the arrival on the market of the new and very bad Diablo, even if, to honor of truth, in January 1990 he had already had his prestigious baptism in Montecarlo, in an epic Lamborghini Day reserved for the international press.
The car was immediately liked, for the line, all right, but also and above all for its technical data, which under the heading "power" stated a reassuring 492 hp at 6800 rpm. based on the original V12 designed by Giotto Bizzarrini.
Under the heading "top speed" was an astounding 325 km / h, the highest speed ever recorded for a production car.
Traction is obviously rear, with the engine in a central longitudinal position.
Lamborghini created an advanced electronic injection system for the Diablo, replacing the double-barrel Weber carburettors mounted on the Countachs.
The Diablo is not a limited edition model, but a production car with a luxuriously finished interior that reflects the intention of its designers to produce a Gran Turismo suitable for the streets of the city, as well as the track.
Distinctive elements of the first series Diablo are the unpainted rear-view mirrors, the absence of air intakes on the front bumper and the large dashboard.
In the face of an exorbitant price of 350 million "lire", the first Diablo models have a very basic equipment: radio with cassettes, manually adjustable windows and seats, ABS not initially available.
The options instead include air conditioning, radio with CD, a tailor-made driver's seat, rear wing, a set of suitcases (proposed for around 3.7 million lire) and even a precious Breguet watch.
Marcello Gandini, who had designed it, once declared "No one will ever be able to mistake the Diablo for something other than a Lamborghini".
Nothing more true.

Our Lamborghini Diablo
This Diablo is presented in splendid condition, with an extremely sophisticated and refined exterior / interior color combination.
The car, produced according to European specifications, left the Sant'Agata factory in May 1991, to be delivered new in Belgium and registered on May 22 of the same year.
This Diablo remained in Belgium until June 1999, when it was registered by the new owner in Vega Baja in the Alicante Region of Spain.
Later in 2015, it was bought by a Spanish citizen and brought to Italy where it has remained to this day.
The car was recently repainted by a specialized body shop in Modena and its paint now appears compact and sparkling in every detail.
The two vertically opening “Lambo Doors” rise progressively and smoothly to the end of the stroke and represent the hallmark of the most iconic V12 super sports cars ever made.
The interiors appear bright and refined. When you step into the passenger compartment, you get the impression of being wrapped in a cream-colored cocoon. The extremely refined finishes of the leather upholstery, patinated by time, stand out.
The well-preserved dashboard is large and placed in a higher position than the driver, a typical feature of the Diablo.
Lifting the immense rear hood, under which the mighty 12 cylinders is located, strikes the cleanliness of the components. The vision of the opposing rows is pure pleasure for any fan of the Casa di Sant'Agata.
Even under the test of facts our Diablo does not disappoint. The V12 starts instantly and runs full, as expected from a Lamborghini, its roar is pure music to the ears, an orchestra of 12 elements ready to unleash all their power on the asphalt.
The alloy wheels in black paint are in excellent condition and with new tires.
In conclusion, nothing has been left out by the owner of this splendid Diablo to keep it in the optimal conditions it is in today ... 30 years and not feel it! Happy Birthday Diablo!

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