1985 LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO - livrea “007 For your eyes only”

esprit turbo
Engine Size
Odometer (km)
Body Style
Body colour
Metallic copper Wrapping
Interior colour
Manual 5 Speed
€ 60,000

*Chassis: SCC 082910FHH10612
*Year of Manufacture: 1985
*First Registration: 24/01/1986
*Power: 210 HP
*Engine: 2.2 Turbo
*Condition: Partially Restored
*Left-Hand Drive
*Papers: Regular

The History
Lotus initially thought of a super sports version with a V8 engine, in consideration of the large space in the engine compartment. This solution (later adopted) was opposed by the head of the engine engineers Graham Akin in favor of a supercharged 4-cylinder engine, mainly for cost reasons. The leaders of the house adopted the second solution, also given the experience of Lotus in the adoption of the turbocharger. In 1980 the "Turbo" was initially launched with ESSEX livery as the Lotus 81 F1 car and only in 1981 as the "normal" Esprit Turbo. In the same year, the "912" engine debuted on the aspirated version: the displacement increased to 2172 cc. The front suspension was redesigned, the rear improved and the chassis made 50% stiffer. The Esprit Turbo immediately became a car appreciated by enthusiasts for its exceptional handling and shooting qualities, superior to the competitors of the time produced by Ferrari and Porsche, despite the lower displacement and fractionation engine. The Esprit Turbo was adequately promoted by the appearance in the film 007 "For Your Eyes Only" released in 1981. Two examples appeared in the film: a white one that explodes in one of the initial sequences and a copper-colored one driven by James Bond to reach Cortina d 'Ampezzo. And our Esprit is inspired by the latter.

Our Lotus Esprit Turbo
The car, with a splendid "007 For your eyes only" livery, is in excellent mechanical and body condition. Over the years it has undergone routine maintenance and overhaul work. The red body (matching color) was recently covered with a (removable) wrapping film, by one of the leading specialists in the garment. The color of the film was chosen by the last owner, who with this livery decided to recreate the exact copy of the car that appeared in the 007 film.
In January 2020 it underwent a complete overhaul of the mechanics at the well-known "Auto Elite" workshop (Maranello) while the suspension department was completely overhauled by the ORAP of Modena (documentation available on request).
The interiors are preserved and are in excellent condition. Leather seats and original Lotus two-spoke steering wheel. All the instruments are in perfect working order.
Original Lotus alloy wheels.
One of the few Lotus Esprit Turbo models sold new in Italy through the official channel. The car is sold with two engines: its original matching number, and another from the immediately following series which brought slight updates compared to the previous one
The purchase of a Lotus Esprit Turbo today represents an investment destined to grow steadily over the next few years.
It is possible to view the car, by booking an online call with our commercial operator, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.

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