1985 Fiat 124 Pininfarina Spidereuropa

124 Pininfarina Spidereuropa
Engine Size
Odometer (km)
Body Style
Body colour
Metallic Bordeaux
Interior colour
Cream Leather
Manual 5 Speed
Black, Milan

€ 33,000

A car with many souls, the Fiat 124 Sport Spider was born in the mid-1960s as a quiet open top car, but thanks to its sporty soul it pushed Fiat to participate in rallies. it then successfully landed in America and finally returned to Europe to meet the demands of the tireless fans of the 1980s.
Among the longest-lived Fiat cars, the 124 Sport Spider was born in 1966 in the Pininfarina atelier from the skilful pencil of Tom Tjaarda. The car conceived by the Dutch-American designer is built on the shortened platform of the 124, giving life to a sinuous and compact 2 + 2 spider.
The mechanics of the 124 Sports, coupé and spider, evolve following the new Fiat productions: the 1400 and 1600 cc twin-shaft engines with two double-barrel carburetors were followed by the 1800 cc.
With the success of marketing in the USA, which began in 1968 through Fiat Motors of North America, the spider remained in production when that of the coupé version ceased in 1975.
The Fiat Spider, so called on the other side of the ocean, is equipped with protruding bumpers with shock-absorbing structures, side lighting devices and larger rear lights to meet homologation in the USA.
In addition, the engine goes from 1800 cc to two liters, to comply with the stringent anti-pollution regulations, it abandons the distributor and carburetors to switch to injection and electronic ignition, with 105 horsepower and a lot of torque, to better interpret the soul. "En plein air" of this beautiful spider.
The "Sport Spider", produced from the beginning by Pininfarina, continued its European career only until '75. In fact, between 1975 and 1981 the open version of the "124" continued to be produced, under the name of Fiat Spider, for the US market only.
The stainless charm of this timeless spider, however, convinces Pininfarina to bring the much-loved Spider back to Europe
In 1981, the Spider returned to Europe too, assembled and marketed by Pininfarina under the name of Pininfarina Spidereuropa. It was identical to the US version, except for some differences: massive but not cushioned bumpers, lack of side position lights on the nose and tail, revised instrumentation and absence of the rear bench.
All the spiders came out of the list in 1985.

This Spidereuropa we offer is a rare limited edition, called "Azzurra" created to celebrate the victory of Cino Ricci and his companions in the "America's Cup"
- Our Fiat 124 Spidereuropa
- Limited edition "Azzurra"
- Milan black plate
- Italian papers
- Fully functional mechanics
- The car's paint is in good condition with no traces of rust.
- Interior preserved in good condition
- Original seats in beige leather
- Working instrumentation

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