1977 Marcos 1600 GT

1600 GT
Engine Size
Odometer (km)
Body Style
Body colour
Interior colour
Manual 4 Speed
Lotus, In-line 4 DOHC (Ford Cortina Lotus)
Original Plate
Black, Rome
Reggio Emilia


Marcos is a small English car manufacturer, founded in Luton in 1959 by Jem Marsh and Frank Costin. Marcos is, in fact, the fusion of the first three letters of Marsh's surname with the first three of Costin's; which remained in business (with ups and downs) until 2007.
The company was born with the intention of producing sports cars with wooden chassis and fiberglass bodywork. The experience of Frank Costin (brother, among other things, of Mike Costin, co-founder of Cosworth) in the aeronautical sector, was fundamental in the first years of activity of Marcos.
The appearance of the first model was in 1960 with the GT 1000, powered by engines of Ford Anglia origin.
Despite the questionable design line, this car carved out a decent sporting reputation by achieving remarkable racing successes. Mini Marcos even finished 15th in the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. An excellent result for a small company
At the end of '61 given the increased safety requirements and difficulties in restoring the cars in the event of an accident; they induced the British house to abandon the wooden frame, replacing it with one made of steel tubes.
It was the Marcos GT launched in 1964 that brought the new tubular steel chassis designed by the Admas brothers (who had replaced Costin to technical driving) to its debut. The bodywork, on the other hand, remained in fiberglass.
Muscular, crouched on the wheels, the new Marcos 2-seater coupé finally met the aesthetic tastes of the public who were fascinated by the original "duck" tail.
In addition to the modern and sturdy steel frame, the GT brought to its debut a new and refined De Dion rear axle designed by the house.
To push the new sports car, the Volvo 4-cylinder 1.778cc was initially chosen, but the company's financial difficulties forced it to reduce costs and expand production.
In 1965 the cheaper GT 1600 was launched, with the 86 HP 1600 engine from the Ford Cortina, while in 1967 the De Dion bridge was replaced by a classic rigid axle.
In 1969, the range was further revolutionized by offering two new Ford units: a 2-liter 4-cylinder and a 3-liter V6. While for the US market, only a 3-liter Volvo in-line 6-cylinder was offered, the latter, however, was heavier and bulky, worsening driving dynamics.
Production ceased in 1972.

Our Marcos GT 1600
- Frame no. 5397
- Roma black plates, a rarity for this model
- Ford Cortina Lotus engine
- Bodywork in excellent condition.
- Sunroof
- Dashboard and instrumentation in excellent condition.
- Seats restored
- Door panels in good condition.
- Rims in good condition

The sleek lines and racing setting make this sports coupe certainly interesting for enthusiasts looking for originality and driving fun, always with an eye to the rarity of the object.