1966 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior Scalino

Alfa Romeo
GT 1300 Junior Scalino
Engine Size
Body Style
Body colour
Green (Verde Muschio)
Interior colour
Brown Tex Alfa - Grey Cloth
Manual 5 Speed
Black, Livorno

€ 41,000

Chassis: AR 1200600
Engine: In-line 4, DOHC
Power: 102 HP - 76 kW
Top Speed: 170 kph
Original Black License Plate, Livorno

In 1966, in view of the successful commercial success of the Sprint GT, a less demanding version of the car was launched in Arese, with a reduced displacement engine and cheaper finishes, to offer the market a product with a price and a more sustainable management cost from young customers, growing strongly thanks to the beneficial effects of the economic boom.
Aimed mainly at young "Alfisti" the Junior quickly became the best-selling model in the entire Giulia GT range. Once again Bertone was called upon to design the bodywork of the new coupe and, thanks also to the talent of a young Giorgetto Giugiaro, the new Giulia GT had an immediate success, with performance not much lower than the 1600 models, the Junior fittings were soon declined on most Alfa Romeo.
Junior models had a simplified set-up: no servo brakes, rubber floor, plastic dashboard without central console, two-spoke steering wheel, less profiled seats and different hub studs.
In addition, the Junior stands out, in addition to the step on the front, for the absence of the lines in front of the grille, the flat dashboard with recessed instrumentation.

- Italian car with regular documents and original black license plate, Livorno.
- Restored car in excellent body condition.
- The engine has recently been checked and some parts have been replaced/restored.
- Interior in combination with brown Tex Alfa and gray fabric
- Original three-spoke steering wheel, with characteristic flat dashboard.
- New bumper. Front grille, coats of arms and original writing in good condition with slight imperfections.
- Rims restored to new with tires in good condition.

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