1966 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider Touring

Alfa Romeo
2600 Spider Touring
Engine Size
Odometer (km)
Body Style
Body colour
Interior colour
White Leather
Manual 5 Speed
ASI Gold Plate
Black, Vercelli

€ 145,000

Engine: Type AR 00601
Chassis: AR192949
Certifications: ASI gold plate N. 17728 - Homologation OM2493
Touring Superleggera International Register

In 1962 Alfa Romeo began production of the "2600 Spider Touring", "106.01" series, the lines of which derived directly from the "2000 Spider Touring", even if the car was significantly improved in many aspects and in different details.
In trade terms it was much more fortunate than the sedan version, in fact even in the face of a huge price for the period, the "2600 Spider" with 145 HP engine, had a style similar to that of the smaller Giulietta Spider, although by far more aristocratic.
Extremely pleasant the line that recalls the most prestigious Ferraris of the time, not inferior to these for elegance, despite being a true four-seater.
It was a high-class spider intended for a small number of wealthy customers.
Elegantly finished, with excellent road holding and overall high performance, it achieved good success thanks to numerous customer requests, so much so that from 1962 to 1966 a total of 2,255 were produced.
The "2600 Spider Touring" differs from the previous "2000 Spider Touring" not only for the renewed mechanics, but also for numerous aesthetic aspects that distinguish it at first sight. It is in fact equipped with a single air intake on the bonnet, the front differs for the single front bumper, the front shield and the air intake grilles are also new.
The "2600 Spider" has a chromed front grille placed between the windshield and the bonnet, it is fitted with door deflectors and the side is cleaner and the small side grilles disappear.
Among the accessories of this important spider there were already at the time the air conditioning system, the hard-top (rigid roof in sheet metal), electric windows and leather seats.
The first 1310 examples of the "2600 Spider Touring" were offered with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes, while the cars produced later came out with four-wheel disc brakes.

Our Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider Touring
Nothing has been left out to restore this splendid AR 2600 Spider to its original condition, the same attention to detail has been applied to both the mechanical components and the bodywork.
The car has been thoroughly restored in all its parts over the past 5 years and invoices for the works and replacement parts are available.
Of the engine, the cleanliness and order of the parts that compose it is striking, in full compliance with the original housings desired by the Arese company.
Its original Alfa Romeo Grafite color has been applied to the body, which gives the car a sober and very elegant aura, without diminishing its sporty grit.
The interior of the car appears bright and sophisticated in a pure milky white, as do the door and seat panels.
The original Veglia instrument panel is intact, fully functional and covered in black imitation leather. The yellow patina of time helps to increase the charm of this timeless car. Original three-spoke Bakelite steering wheel.
In the central position, the gear lever and the original ashtray stand out from the transmission tunnel
The restored soft top is in good condition and does not allow water to leak in case of rain.
Today this car represents the right mix for a "passion investment" one of those investments which, while aiming to obtain a capital gain, are representative of that passion that the investor has for a car, which at the same time can be considered at all the effects are a real asset.

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