1966 Porsche 911 2.0 L - S.W.B. "Serie 0"

911 2.0 L - S.W.B. "Serie 0"
Engine Size
Body Style
Body colour
Ivory White
Interior colour
Manual 5 Speed

€ 230,000

*Color: Ivory White (Porsche Code 6404) – Matching Color
*Chassis: No. 303395
*Year of Manufacture: 1965
*Engine: Boxer 6-Cylnder - Matching number
*Engine Code: 901/01
*Certification of Origin Available
*First Registration: France, 1966
*Transmission: 5 Speed + R
*Max Speed: 210 km/h

The History of the Porsche 911
The Porsche 911, with its long history, is undoubtedly one of the sports cars that has now become an icon in the automotive world. Its lines, which have remained virtually unchanged since 1963, have become a real trademark of the Stuttgart company, and its behavior on the road has won the hearts of all lovers of engines. The history of the Porsche 911 is fascinating and full of curiosities. The name of the car, now a universal symbol, should have been different. When, in fact, Porsche presented its latest creature at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1963, it was baptized 901, but only a few months later Porsche's top management were forced to change the name to 911, as Peugeot had already registered all the initials with the "zero" in between.
The first name was corrected and the Porsche 911 made history.
The design of the coupe was the work of Ferry Porsche, who wanted to create a sports car but with four seats. In reality, the rear seat was never a symbol of comfort, and for this reason the Porsche 911 was soon called a 2 + 2. It was not only the design of the car that decreed its success, but also the technical solutions adopted. The history of the Porsche 911, in fact, is firmly linked to the choice of adopting an engine that has become a true icon for the German company, namely the air-cooled 6-cylinder boxer, cantilevered on the rear axle with a displacement of 2 liters.
The success of the Porsche 911 was immediate and after only 3 years from its launch, in 1966, the Stuttgart house made its debut on the market with the 911 S, which is distinguished from its eldest daughter for an increase in engine power up to 160 horsepower.
Its soft lines seem to stand out free from obstacles that distort the original vision of its designer. The result is an icon recognizable by any human being who loves four wheels: the Porsche 911.
Its simple form, yet so perfect and timeless, has remained virtually unchanged since its inception.

Our Porsche 911
The car is in like new condition, as in that 1965 when this 911 saw the light, when it came off the assembly line of the Stuttgart company.
This is an exceptional restoration, according to the correct factory specifications, carried out with the aim of restoring the car to new condition, while maintaining the originality of its parts.
The car has been repainted in its original color, as well as the interior, completely restored according to the original specifications
The engine is impeccable and restored with criteria of excellence, in full compliance with the original components.
The first 911 is regarded by many enthusiasts as the purest of air-cooled sports cars and also one of the most sought after.
The restoration work was carried out by the best specialists of the brand.
Concours d'Elegance conditions.
This car was recently exhibited at the Sarthe Automobile Museum in Paris and admired by thousands of visitors for its timeless beauty.
Since its appearance on the market, the 911 first series has remained among the most requested Porsche ever by drivers and collectors from all over the world, while also maintaining a marked tendency to maintain stable prices over time.
Today it is possible to view the car online, by booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.