Engine Size
Mileage (km)
Body colour
grigio - bianco
Interior colour
€ 38,000

*Power: 29 HP
*Chassis: n. 108991
*Power supply: petrol
*Transmission: mechanical 4-speed + RM
*Drive: Rear-wheel Drive
*Condition: restored
*Configuration: street
*Number of seats: 4
*Guide: left-hand drive
*Documents: regular
*Certifications: ASI - N. 320165 / a

In 1956 the Fiat 600 revolutionized the car world with the concept of the minivan: designed for families and for those who needed a spacious and economical car, the Multipla immediately became an icon of Italy in the 1960s.

The Fiat 600 Multipla was marketed from 1956 to 1967, totaling approximately 240,000 units. In the first year it was produced in the Fiat plant in Mirafiori, then its production was delegated to the new Autobianchi plant in Desio (MB) created a few years earlier to consolidate the Turin-Milan industrial axis.
Nice and streamlined, the Fiat 600 Multipla is one of the most interesting small cars produced after the war. First among the mono volume produced in large series, it was considered the family car par excellence in post-war Italy: the "Multipla" could load weapons and luggage while consuming very little; the approximately 15 km / l, which for the time were a great result.
The Multipla was among the very first cars to redefine the concept of the automobile, understood as a space to live and share. A car designed for the hardships of work that magically transforms into the operational mobile base for the "holiday mission".
The Fiat 600 Multipla was presented at the Brussels Motor Show in 1956. 
It derived from the small Fiat 600, the model that the year before gave way to mass motorization in Italy. The 600 Multipla maintained the same 2-meter wheelbase and the same engine as its younger sister: a small, rear-mounted, water-cooled, 633 cm³, 22 HP four-cylinder rod and rocker arm. The Multipla, however, proposed a completely different architecture: 3.5 meters long, it provided for the seating in the front row advanced on the front axle. The Fiat Multipla can thus be considered the first European minivan.
The Fiat 600 Multipla was offered in two versions which differed in the internal configuration: 4/5 seats on two benches and 6 seats on three rows, with front bench and four folding seats.
For taxi drivers, the ideal clientele of this model, the "Taxi" version was created in the typical black-green livery, which was so successful in the main Italian cities.
In the first year of marketing, only minor changes were made, in particular to the cooling system. In 1963 there was a further update on the occasion of the launch of the "600 D", the front lights included new circular direction indicators and a new engine hood, to facilitate cooling in view of greater power: the engine was in fact the new 767cm³ with 29 HP, which guaranteed the Fiat 600 Multipla a top speed of 105 km / h.
Low running costs remain the key to the success of the Fiat 600 Multipla.

Our Fiat 600 D Multipla
The car is presented in conditions of absolute excellence.

This is an exceptional restoration in recent times, according to the correct factory specifications, conducted with the aim of restoring the car to the new one, while maintaining the originality of its parts.
The two-tone car has been repainted in its original colors, as well as the interior, completely restored according to the original specifications, in a bright red with white inserts.
All internal instruments have been replaced and are in perfect working order.
The engine has been restored as new.
The intelligence of its innovative concept has made it a very coveted piece by collectors with rather high prices.
A large photographic book of the restoration is available on request.
It is possible to see the car by arranging a call online with our experts, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet.

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