1958 Porsche 356 1600 AT 2

356 1600 AT 2
Engine Size
Odometer (km)
Body Style
Body colour
Light blue
Interior colour
Beige leather
Manual 4 Speed

Sold on 27/04/2022

In 1956 the 356 was replaced by the completely improved 356 A and launched on the market in five four-cylinder engines.
Aesthetically, the A series differed from the first 356 also for a curved panoramic windshield, in a single piece.
The result of the T2 program, the 356 A-T2, arrived in 1957 with improved interiors, rear shift lever, diaphragm spring clutch, ZF steering box, Solex 32ND1X carburetors, new exhaust inside the bumper rostrums and taillights " drop ".
Other improvements: the license plate light went up from bottom to top, the courtesy light from the dash to the ceiling, the ashtray from the dashboard to the bottom of the dashboard, while the speedometer and the gauge of oil temperature and new fuel level.
In September 1958 the convertible D version was released; the D identifies the Drautz body shop that produced it.
The tailpipes of the 1600 models ended between the bumper bolts for increased ground clearance. The chrome housing with license plate lighting and reversing light was mounted under the license plate.
All cars of the 356 generation were also available in a convertible version (Cabriolet, Speedster or Convertible D).
In particular, the sports versions, starting with model 356 A, obtained the additional designation "Carrera" and were powered by the so-called "Fuhrmann engine", with four overhead camshafts, driven by the vertical transmission shaft and a double ignition. by means of two separate ignition distributors.

Our Porsche 356 1600 A T2
- Car with regular papers
- Frame no. 107164
- Engine no. 73667
- Car in excellent condition, thanks to a total restoration that involved most of the mechanical parts and the bodywork
- In the intentions of the owner, the restoration achieved the goal of restoring the car to the best conditions, while respecting the originality of its parts.
- Revised internal instrumentation
- Restored beige leather seats, as well as interior door panels.
- New instrumentation, knobs, levers and upholstery.
- The engine, has been properly restored, is efficient and able to develople all the original power.
- New bumpers, grilles, moldings, lettering and badges, as well as the headlights, taillights and exterior rearview mirror

This classic Porsche 911 1600 AT2 today represents a good investment destined to increase its value over time.

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