ASA 1000 GT

3. března 2020

The Ferrarina

The story behind the little sportcar with the heart made in Maranello is very fascinating.
Into the meanderings of automotive history there are a lot of curiosity hidden, but the ASA one is worth to be described. The "Autocostruzioni Società per Azioni" was born in 1962 in Lambrate, in the territory of Milan: ASA 1000 GT gravitates towards the most important names of Italian automotive history.

The "Ferrarina" project, as the fans decided to call it, was born in the area of Modena in 1961 when Enzo Ferrari entrusted Giotto Bizzarrini the management of the sperimentation for a Gran Turismo with an engine of 1.032cc in order to race in the competition reserved to car with 1.1 liter engine.

The chassis and the drivetrain were inspired by the most famous Ferraris, so people renamed the car the "Ferrarina", although Enzo Ferrari didin't want his brand on this little car, that according to him didn't reflect the Maranello manufacter image.

The 1000 GT was a thoroughbred sportcar, but it didn't receive the fame it would be worth of, even though the really high level performances.

The interiors, with two seats divided by transmission tunnel, were in a truly Italian style with traits of a Gran Turismo, such as the dashboard made with circular elements by Jaeger, the leather belts to fix luggage in place and the really sport sitting position. Driving the ASA means feeling immediately a true race driver.

ASA1000GT, particolare del cambio.

The little 1 Liter engine, thanks to two huge horizontal double-body Weber 40 DCOE carburetor is capable of 100 HP, and takes the Ferrarina above the 180 km/h with the complicity of the four gear manual trasmission with overdrive on the third and fourth gear and the featherweight.

The specimen showed in our showroom in one of the last survived, totally restored, in perfect condition and belonged for a long time to the President of the ASA International Register.

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