1952 Jaguar XK 120 OTS

Engine Size
Odometer (km)
Body Style
Body colour
Interior colour
Red Leather
Manual 4 Speed
Reggio Emilia


Engine: 6 cylinder in-line 12 valve, 160 Hp

State of art: Conservative Restoration
Certificate and Statements ASI. No. 8063
FIVA Identity Cars: 029558

The History
Born to go beyond the ordinary, the Jaguar XK120 is still considered today the spider par excellence by many drivers, quintessential of perfect balance between line elegance and engine power.
A luxury sports car that declares its extraordinaryness from the name, due to the record that simply allowed it to change history.
The figure "120" of the name of the model, in fact, refers to the 120 mph (193 kph) maximum speed obtained with windshield installed (without front glass the speed was higher), making the XK120, at the time of its presentation, the fastest standard production car in the world.
The XK120 was launched in a roadster version at the London Motor Show on 27 October 1948 as a test vehicle.
The intent of the presentation was also to propose a car, for demonstration purposes, that would have the marvelous Jaguar new XK6 engine. However, the model aroused great interest and aroused many positive comments, which convinced William Lyons to produce it in series.
Available in two open versions, roadster (called "OTS", from English, Open Two Seater) and convertible ("DHC", from "drophead coupé"), as well as coupe ("FHC", from "fixed-head coupé" available since 1951). The convertible and coupe had a refined briar dashboard.
All three versions were two-seater, and the roadster version was successful in competitions.
It features a 160 hp in-line 3.4-cylinder engine and features several aluminum components such as doors, front and rear bonnet.
The XK120 was produced until 1954, proving to be the most popular model in the XK series, with 12,078 built, of which only 1,175 were right-hand drive roadsters.
Out of production, but not out of the market, the XK 120 was finally released from the list only in 1961, leaving room for a more than worthy heir of style: our beloved E-Type.
Icon icon, for a style that never goes down. Fascinating and refined.

Our Jaguar XK120 OTS
Participation in competitions and events:
2014 - 1000 Miglia
2011 - Nuvolari Gran Prix

In recent years, the owner has carried out conservative restorations that have mainly involved the repainting of the bodywork, the specific cleaning of the interior in original condition and a small mechanical overhaul.
More recently, has been undertaken an extensive service to ensure that this completely original XK120 continues to work as well as the day its first proprietary was delivered again: in particular in June 2018 the car underwent a complete overhaul and more recently in 2020 the tank was cleaned with the replacement of the petrol pump.
The specimen is presented without traces of rust and with chrome plating in good condition.
Luxury and comfort persist in the original interior of the car, of a refined red color that highlight a patina of experience, but are, however, completely original, both in leather saddlery and carpet. The condition of the carpet inside the trunk is also excellent as well as the black capote.
The car is equipped with double keys and "Operating, Maintenance and Service Handbook" and ASI certifications.
This XK120 today offers a very rare opportunity for any collector of the Coventry House, to get hold of an original specimen very well preserved and completely suitable to participate in the most important historical automotive events in the world, such as the Mille Miglia Storica, Le Mans Classic and the Nuvolari Grand Prix.
Model of high collectible value destined to keep its current quotation unchanged at least.

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