1970 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spider Conversion

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Evolution of the 275 GTB, the 365 GTB/4 “DAYTONA” is a milestone in the history of the front-engined ultra-high performance coupé. The clean, elegant and extremely balanced line designed by Pininfarina perfectly matches the fine mechanics with the V12 engine powered by six 40mm double-bodied Webers. The optimal weight distribution, also thanks to the rear derailleur with transaxle system, form a combination of rare balance, guaranteeing unique driving sensations. The 365 GTB/4 is better known as “Daytona”, the unofficial name of the company, attributed to the press to commemorate the triumph of the Ferrari 330 P4 - the famous hat-trick - in the prestigious Florida endurance race in 1967.

The Daytona is ageless, in the sense that it is one of those rare cars that still appear current today, after more than fifty years from their presentation at the 1968 Paris Motor Show, and which will always remain so, with a strong and timeless personality. Not even touched by the normally inevitable obsolescence.

A refined and at the same time aggressive design, but without falling into deleterious brutality. Essential lines, clearly sculpted but enveloping, in short, an absolute oxymoron so successful and so harmonious as to create a balance and dynamism that is difficult to replicate.

Essential lines, clearly sculpted but enveloping, in short, an absolute oxymoron so successful and so harmonious as to create a balance and dynamism that is difficult to replicate. In 1969, at the request of the importer Luigi Chinetti for the North American market, a Spider version was presented at the Paris Motor Show. identical to the coupé in mechanics, Pininfarina exhibited a sort of prototype of the "Daytona Spider" with apparently "targa" bodywork. Despite the interest in this Spider, the final version was only produced a few years later.
In 1971 a slight restyling only affected the coupé version, the Spider version not yet in production. The transparent Plexiglas band connecting the front headlights was eliminated in favor of the "retractable" headlights. The Daytona "Spider" were produced exclusively in this version with retractable headlights and differed from the initial prototype for the soft top which became completely foldable in canvas. The coupe went out of the list in 1973, while the spider remained in production for another year.

In all, only 122 original Daytona Spiders were built. Of these 96 were destined for the North American market and were made with "US" specifications while only 25 (plus the prototype) were made with European specifications.

The Ferrari "Daytona" is a high collection car, handcrafted, it was the last supercar of the "Casa di Maranello" produced before the advent of the "Fiat Group". An interesting anecdote concerns the famous TV Series "Miami Vice" where to accompany the daring deeds of two policemen there is a FERRARI DAYTONA REPLICA, in fact, given the rarity of the object, the original was not used for the series, but a imitation based on Corvette C3.

Our Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona:

  • Car with regular Italian papers

  • Various invoices for works carried out by "Bonini service"

  • Approved spider conversion

  • Italian of origin

  • Previously registered in Palermo

  • Born in white color

  • Originally equipped with air conditioning (rare optional)

  • Bodywork in excellent condition

  • Excellent black leather interior

  • Original instrumentation

  • Cromodora Wheels

  • Engine kept in perfect efficiency

  • Black capote

A car with an extraordinary charm capable of satisfying any lover of absolute beauty.

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