Panorama - December 2021

Publisher: Panorama
Publish date: 21/12/2021

An elegant black book accompanies iconic cars, telling their story through documents, certifications, the names of previous owners and photos of the restorations: it is the identity card of the cars, the certificate that certifies their authenticity and value.
The soul of Ruote da Sogno is made up of numerous treatments like this one, of detail and substance, a name that is also diaphonic, which already reveals everything while promising a lot. A dream collection for beauty and memory: an atelier dedicated to classic cars and the so-called YoungTimers, models ranging from the Eighties to the new millennium. On average, about 200 are staying, all restored and functioning, housed in an area of ​​over eight thousand square meters.
We are in Reggio Emilia, home to the futuristic High Speed ​​railway station designed by the star architect Santiago Calatrava, in the Emilian Motor Valley district: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Dallara, Pagani, Ducati, are just some of the legendary tricolor motors that have home in this unique area. Where Stefano Aleotti, former co-founder of Cellular Line, European leader in accessories for mobile telephony, decided to give an unprecedented trajectory to his professional history: "After the sale of Cellular Line to the LVMH Group" he explains, "I understood that it was the time has come to pursue my passions. Ruote da Sogno, today, exactly embodies my entrepreneurial format, made up of hard work and emotion. Taking care of cars and motorbikes that have made history,
it already represents in itself a cultural heritage of the highest value ». Yes, because alongside the cars, there are spaces dedicated to vintage motorcycles, a segment in which Ruote da Sogno is the European leader. Here you live a sort of mystical experience that every motorcyclist would like to try at least once in their life in front of the object of his desire. And as for racing cars with hood and steering wheel, it makes little sense to decline examples and lists: to cite a model means to belittle the others.

Only after some insistence, Aleotti grants an exception, a sentimental tear from the rule: "I'll tell you this. Since I was a boy I have had a soft spot for the Lancia Stratos, a car that always excites me and for which I have admiration and respect. Well, it happens that every time a Stratos arrives in our showroom, I am surprised to hope that it will go away as late as possible, so that I can enjoy it every morning. The first love is never forgotten ». How can we not forget a visit to this place immersed in time, "a theater of dreams, in which wonder is staged every day". With its necessary corollary of scenography, special effects, polychromies: the atelier has a gold-colored facade, internally it is dressed in total black, to convey, through the strength of the contrasts, a sense of luxury and elegance.