Gazzetta di Reggio - 1 Marzo

Publisher: Gazzetta di Reggio
Publish date: 14/03/2022

After two years of forced detention, the Italian harleysts leave Reggio Emilia. Over the weekend, in our province, the national gathering of fans of the legendary motorbike took place in Milwaukee in 1903 - synonymous with great travels and freedom.
About 850 Harley Davidson and a thousand participants, many of whom left on Friday evening or Saturday morning from the entire peninsula, gathered on Saturday evening at the Correggio party hall and yesterday, after a short ride from Correggio to the city, they attended the meeting in grand style at Ruote da Sogno at the Buco del Signore, where the lunch and the party took place.

«The national meeting marks the beginning of the season, which runs from March to October - explains Ivan Parelli, head of the Emilia Road Chapter-. In the last two years we have lived more than anything else in history: today it is also difficult to find motorcycles because they did not deliver from America. This is the first event of the season and we hope it's a good year to start over. For 2022 we have set up an intense program: Greece, France, Portoroz, Sicily and Sardinia, Slovakia and Austria. St. Petersburg was also expected but for obvious reasons that path is not done ».
Harleys from every Italian region arrived at Ruote da Sogno «We count 52 chapters, that is clubs; only in Emilia there are five and 45 chapters out of 52 national participated in the star. For the opening the harleysts came from all over: Calabria, Tuscany, Liguria, Trento. The Palermo club left by plane and then rented the motorcycles on the spot, otherwise the weekend would not have been enough ».

When asked what is the identikit of the harleysta Parelli explains «It is difficult to draw an identikit, by now the stereotype of the harleysta no longer exists. Here you can find people of all ages and types: from the youngest (20 years old) to the oldest (86 years old, is very gambling), from the former sixty-eight with beard, long hair and skin to lawyers and doctors . They can say that the trend of recent years has seen the presence of women grow: women only represent 30% ».
In the location of Ruote da Sogno, set up on a theme, Parelli wanted to thank the official Harley Davidson dealer Onorio Moto Srl of Correggio «Without their support there would be no Emilia chapter».

(Ambra Prati)