ASI Giovani Festival, this is where the future passes.

Publisher: La Manovella
Publish date: 06/06/2022

An afternoon dedicated to friendship, the desire to do things and a great passion that unites the new generations, ready to receive the legacy of the federation.

A such group of people present throughout the country with a great desire to do and plan a bright future. Put it this way, one might think of deans of "our world", but it is quite the opposite: we are talking about the young people that the ASI Commission of the same name, just born in 2020, was able to gather first on social networks and in a very active virtual group and, finally, Saturday 7 May, in the exclusive setting of the “Ruote da Sogno” atelier in Reggio Emilia. We are talking about the 1st Edition of the ASI Giovani Fest, organized by the ASI Youth Commission in collaboration with Adrenaline 24h.