Automobilismo d'Epoca - February 2022

Publisher: Automobilismo d'Epoca
Publish date: 28/02/2022

Every time you go to Ruote da Sogno, in Reggio Emilia, there is something new. It can be the arrangement of the vehicles, the arrangement of the entrance and reception, the first car that appears in front of you. However, there is always a feeling of something bigger than the previous time.
And in fact it is like this, hand in hand with the turnover: “In 2021 we will close at 29 million euros”, says Stefano Aleotti, founder and helmsman of this adventure.
Turnover is a guiding light for Aleotti: "At the time of CellularLine we made agreements with Mediaset for the exchange of goods and from them you continually heard the word invoice: an obsession. They made the budget for the month, the goal to be achieved. It was a school in this sense, including programming. If you want to grow, you need to have specific goals ". And he shows us with ill-concealed pride the goal that he himself had set last year, in full lockdown: 25 million euros.
Not bad, considering that in 2020 the decline compared to the previous year had been sharp, although less impressive than one might have feared.
So far, the numbers. But vintage cars (and motorcycles) are also and above all passion, the approach to concepts such as turnover and growth can appear jarring. "But this is a company, and I'm not the type to fall in love with. Actually, I'm not even fond of cars ”.

Stefano Aleotti, born in Milan and Reggiano by adoption, founded Ruote da Sogno after having sold the majority of his previous company, CellularLine, which rode the first moment of expansion of cellular telephony: "There were many brands of mobile phones, little standardization and a big problem:
recharge the battery ".