Salon RétroMobile 2024 - “L’Italie en Rêve”

Ruote da Sogno stands out more and more as a unique place in Italy, specialized in the buying and selling as well as the searching for vintage cars and motorcycles, capable of handling large volumes with efficiency and professionalism. Founded in 2016 in Reggio Emilia in the heart of the Emiliana Motor Valley by Stefano Aleotti, the company has established itself with an innovative entrepreneurial vision, accompanied by expertise, passion, and a touch of audacity. In just a few years, Ruote da Sogno has become a landmark in the vintage car and motorcycle sector, serving as a reference both nationally and internationally for a range of comprehensive services, including events, gatherings, scouting, consultancy, financing, sales on commission, buying and selling.

Aligned with the strategies set for 2024, Ruote da Sogno will be attending, from January 31st to February 4th at Booth 1-J080, at Salon RétroMobile at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. To best honor this 48th edition, Ruote da Sogno is ready to bring to life for all enthusiasts "L'Italie en Rêve": a selection of vehicles that, like great works of art, resonate with deep emotions, sensations, and magical memories capable of captivating the amazed gazes of all present, enveloping them in a trail with a scent that smells of warm and loving passion.

Among these, there is a Fiat Stanguellini masterpiece with design and style signed by Bertone, that has been able to write the history of world automotive at the end of the 1940s. A great privilege that has left an indelible mark: an excellence conceived by four hands, a young and a master, combining lightness and balance of forms. Driven by a skilled Florentine Gentleman Driver, this specimen has participated in numerous sports competitions, and it is still carrying the austere and flowery scent of triumphant victory.

From majestic determination, we move on to disarming beauty: elegantly dressed in its lines with a strong graceful accent, as if Michelotti's design had been sketched inspired by an elegant ballerina from prestigious theaters, this Vignale Fiat exudes all the sensuality that only a proud and prosperous femininity of the '50s can convey.

Carrying on the theme of beauty, Ruote da Sogno could not fail to refer to the elusive enchanting desire: designed by the hands of speed and built by the aluminum magician, this Fiat "Mille Miglia" carries fluid forms shaped by the wind. A unique piece, like a sculpture in precious marble and so hypnotic that it seems alluring with a sharp metallic scent coming from other worlds.

The wind carries us through the carefree waves of the sea: created by skilled artisan hands, this small beach Fiat was born to be driven for delight and pleasure. With the full Italian flavor, its Ghia bodywork seems like it is adorned with the citrusy and voluptuously inviting scents of the sunny islands of the south.

To remain on the theme of rarity, Ruote da Sogno also proposes a Lancia car from the Monviso bodywork that has been hidden from collectors for years. In full "transatlantic style" made in the USA and with soft features, its panoramic rear window is truly capable of making you exploding in a mix of seemingly contrasting sensations, but that is what encapsulates the essence of this masterpiece painted by Michelotti.

With blue nuances, characterized by a more provocative and playful line, the Allemano-selected Fiat spider model presents itself with majestic appeal. Produced solely for the Turin salon in 1957, it has become the emblem of fun crazy drivings through the streets of Turin by a famous entrepreneur of the time, struck by love at first sight for it.

From the most exasperated performances, capable of hitting the most hidden fantasies, we find this Lancia Rally from the '70s by Bertone, an excellence in the world of racing. Striking in its wedge shape, it is one of the few equipped with a fuel injection system in place of carburetors and stands out for its captivating livery, capable of transporting like a highly pure and adrenaline-fueled fragrance, leaving one breathless.


At the end of the prestigious four-wheel proposal by Ruote da Sogno, we find a De Tomaso Gruppo 4: a competitive racing model that stands out among the most exciting historical tales of world motoring, leaving a tenacious imprint on the ground of its warm tires with a synthetic and toasted scent like the fierce thirst for victory.

The Ruote da Sogno stand will also feature two-wheeled vehicles. Among them, there is one more unique than rare piece, registered in the ASI historical register and classified as a Piaggio "motofurgoncino."

To truly discover what lies behind this new, extraordinary, and unexpected edition of Salon RétroMobile, it is necessary to unveil what the veils branded Ruote da Sogno conceal. " L'Italie en Rêve" is ready to bring to life for everyone the reality of dreams come true.