Passion Investment

Classic Cars - A safe investment

What's a Passion Investment? It’s a financial investment made to realize their passion and a financial gain at the same time. Classic Cars are investments which belong to this category and, according to a recent study, are at the 1st place being the products with the highest economic performance from 2005 (Coutts Index), although their recent slowdown._There is no magic trick_The reason for this success has been declared by the classic car market and by the result of the most important auction house worldwide, where these products are sold for milions of euro or dollars. The added value of Vintage and Classic Cars is that they could be (and must be) used, showed and exhibited, realizing their passion with no risk of devaluation. The participations to important events such as the “Mille Miglia”, “Targa Florio” or Concours d’Elegance lead to increased economic value that in some cases can double itself._It’s not so easy as it  looks._As for all the investment is important to not underestimate the risks. The investment made at the wrong time may represent an hazardWhat do we offer?**Ruote da Sogno can support customers into all evaluation phases of the investment, providing for a comprehensive consulting for collectors or investor desiring to approach the world of “classics” without anxiety and the right to invest their money in completely safety.Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our Classic Cars Specialist, we provide for a comprehensive consulting in all the moments of the classic car, ensuring confidentiality into most delicate negotiations.Ruote da Sogno** is the perfect partner for collectors those are afraid to make a wrong investment and needs the maximum professionalism.