The first Porsche 996 of the new Millenium

In 1998 the 993 Turbo season ended.Its place in the list will be occupied two years later by the 996 Turbo, the first Porsche of the new millennium.

The 996 brought major changes compared to the previous 911: it was the first to be equipped with a water-cooled engine, as well as a four-valve per cylinder distribution, with a completely redesigned exterior line and cockpit and a higher level of comfort.In light of these excessive innovations, it must be said that the purists have considered it a totally new model and not a further step in the evolution of the 911.

In any case, despite having to comply with the most recent and restrictive anti-pollution regulations, the engine still manages to deliver the beauty of 420 horsepower, capable of pushing the Turbo to over 305 kph.

The 996 Turbo with permanent all-wheel drive, is less scurvy and more comfortable than the previous model: the equipment, standard or on request, transforms it into a real flagship with every comfort; who could have imagined a Porsche with satnav, wood and leather finishes, vehicular phone, glass holder and even automatic transmission?In the front the new headlights anticipate the restyling of the entire range. Two large side air intakes are introduced, slits on the rear bumper and wing that help increase the aggressiveness and aerodynamic performance of this model.

This beautiful Porsche 996 Turbo left the Stuttgart production chain in 2001. The 996 Turbo boasts uncomparable driving fluidity to its competitors.The revaluation of the 996 quotations also passes through the fact that it is a everyday car that can be used with a level of comfort and reliability that touch levels of excellence: comfortable and versatile, able to satisfy even the most demanding of fans of the German brand.

Engine regularly cut and in perfect condition of efficiency, the car is ready to use.Excellent conditions of paint and bodywork, in the perfect combination of blue colors with beige leather interiors.

  • Three-spoke steering wheel covered in beige leather

  • Leather interior and seats in very good conditio

  • 5-spoke alloy wheels equipped with new tires

  • Red Calipers