We are the first italian player for Classic Cars and Motorbikes trades, but there is more than that.
We offer a 360-degree service, because we always want to fully meet our customers satisfaction: starting from a specialized purchasing consulting, going to a clear sales management (classic, exchange or on consignment).

30 persons works side by side in Ruote da Sogno's Team, driven by a deep passion for engines, with competence and professionalism to help our customers choose their dream, be it a Car or a Motorbike.
We offer the best advice to collector or investor who wants to purchase a classic car or a vintage motorbike, ensuring the safety of the investment.

Furthermore, thanks to the great experience of our specialist, cars and motorbikes will be offered to italian and foreing collectors, inside a Worldwide "Private Sales" channel highly specialized with reserved negotiations.

A big vantage of Ruote da Sogno is the logistic power: we make use of national and international couriers specialized into Cars and Motorbikes transportation and deliveries. We will take care of the completion of custom clearance and insurance policy on the transport.

We value cars and motorbikes with:

  • Mechanical service on our high-level workshop

  • Mechanics with great experience on vintage vehicles

  • Presence on worldwide online vehicle auctions

  • ASI, FIVA, CSAI Certification for Cars and FMI, ASI for motorbikes

  • Presence on more than 40 marketplace worldwide

  • Storical research on Cars & Motorbikes

  • Photographic shooting and highly-detailed videos

  • Social Media Marketing targeted activity

  • Presence on car specialized magazines

  • Multilingual Call Center

  • Possibility of videocall to see the cars and motorbikes live