The “Youngtimer” phenomenon

15 March 2019

The “Youngtimer” phenomenon from a collector’s point of view

The Yougtimers are twenty to thirty years old vintage cars who hit the road from the mid eighties to the early two thousands. These cars live a second life thanks to passionate collectors who give them a new light.
The Youngtimers are gaining much and much fame in the most important Classic Cars Fairs, and this is a key point for a niche that is taking over in the car market.

Still not tagged as “vintage” (to be so they must have turned 30), these cars left an indelible mark in the youth of their fans, now in their forties and fifties, who are looking for a Youngtimer to dive back into their analog, electronic-free drive memories. 

Buying a Youngtimer means to have the pleasure of driving with small or no electronic intromissions.
The digitalization process has increased the level of safety and comfort but it has also reduced the excitement and pleasure of a personal, analog driving.

Queens between the many Youngtimers at Ruote Da Sogno showroom are the 930 Turbo Porsche, the EVO2 HF Integrale Lancia Delta, the F355 Spider Ferrari and the M3 Sport Evolution BMW.

The Youngtimers are the best first investment for everyone who wants to step into the exciting world of vintage cars. Furthermore, owing a Youngtimer allows you to increase its value in the long term, with tangible driving and economic satisfactions.

The process of choosing the right car is still the key point for the investment value, so it is better to stick to common sense recommendations: always look for a perfect car, easy to bring back to its original state and, if possible focus on the rarer versions, which will inevitably be rewarded by the market and by collectors.

Ruote da Sogno is pleased to show you its Youngtimers, available in the showroom perfectly restored.

Write here for more infos or to book an appointment in Reggio Emilia showroom and choose your brand new YoungTimer.

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