Vintage car and motorbike brokering arrives in Reggio Emilia

26 April 2019

In just a few years, Ruote Da Sogno has established itself as a significant player in the vintage car and motorbike sector, introducing thousands of enthusiasts all around the world to priceless models perfectly restored by expert, skilled hands. Real dreams on wheels.  The results achieved by this all-Italian brand run by entrepreneur Stefano Aleotti, confirm Ruote Da Sogno as the largest operator in Europe for buying and selling classic cars and motorbikes.

In light of this success, Ruote Da Sogno has decided to include a new service for customers, investors and enthusiasts which aims to build a bridge between buyers and sellers by taking the vehicle on under a “sales account” or by running ad hoc searches for the desired model. All negotiations will be handled by the Ruote Da Sogno Sales Team according to criteria and agreements established with owners and dealers.

This entrepreneurial vision is ever alert to market developments and demands, while being able to meet the growing needs of investment diversification, and is linked to the timeless passion of a sector where the rules have not yet been set in stone.


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