1954 Rumi Scoiattolo 125

Scoiattolo 125
Engine Size
Well maintained
Original paperwork
Reggio Emilia


The Moto Rumi was born in Bergamo in the 50s from the inspiration of Donnino Rumi and thanks to the refined components and the avant-garde technical solutions for the time, it soon became famous for its light motorcycles with amazing performance, equipped with whistling engines. two-stroke twin-cylinder engines with horizontal cylinders and horizontally “cut” engine casings, a real refinement for the time, then copied by the Japanese in more recent times for their GP and sports bikes.
Given the strong demand for economic motor vehicles, Rumi threw himself into production, proposing the Scoiattolo in 1951, a vehicle that combined the practicality of the scooter with the characteristic performance of the Rumi house.
It was equipped with a monocoque frame in pressed sheet metal, telescopic fork and hydraulic rear shock absorber, 2-stroke horizontal two-cylinder engine, with three-speed gearbox (which became four in the latest versions) credited with a power of 6 HP which made it a decidedly brilliant vehicle. and very pleasant to drive.
Really original aesthetics and with a very powerful two-stroke engine with a really captivating sound.
A history, glorious and full of victories, in the aesthetic and stylistic avant-garde for the time.
Today Rumi motorcycles are rare to find and in the possession of a few and very jealous collectors.

Our Scoiattolo 125
- Preserved bike, deregistered from Italian Public Register
- Frame no. 15134
- Engine in good efficiency
- Mechanical parts regularly checked by the previous owner
- Rare model of historical value

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