Sold on 11/10/2023

1983 Moto Guzzi California 2

Moto Guzzi
California 2
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Reggio Emilia

Sold on 11/10/2023

California represents the smiling and carefree side of Moto Guzzi, that of eternal American optimism.
Moto Guzzi, or rather its V7 engine, was the exception that confirms the rule in a period of engines that punctually left you on the roadside.
Automotive dynamo and distributor (the initial project was to equip the Fiat 500), a noise that filled the heart and that engine block, which then seemed gigantic, well inserted in the cradle of the frame, very reliable and full.
These are years of epochal changes: Moto Guzzi gradually loses its utilitarian soul, reinforcing its amateur sports soul (the V7 Sport was defined as a compass for the precision and stability of its frame when cornering) and acquiring that of the indefatigable traveler.
Then throughout the 1980s the California II dominated, an excellent bike, with its 950 CC engine derived from the Le Mans 1000. A long-lived and vastly successful bike, it remained available in a single version (with the exception of an automatic gearbox version reserved for USA) until 1987.

Our V7 California II
- Restored motorcycle with regular documents
- Original RM plate
- FMI registration 54866
- Frame no. VT 15426
- Odometer 60364
- Paint in good condition
- Engine well preserved and kept efficient
- New saddle, exhausts and side bags.

A beautiful bike still capable of giving a lot of emotions to its next owner.

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