1981 Kawasaki Nico Bakker

Nico Bakker
Engine Size
Well maintained
Number plate
Original paperwork

€ 21,600

The bike was born in 1981 in the workshop of the well-known Dutch frame builder Nico Bakker.
The bike participates in a European Championship and then was sold in Italy, presumably bought by an Italian professional rider. Very rare motorcycle, almost impossible to find, it is assumed that only two motorcycles of the same model exist in Italy.
Very particular are the chrome moly frame and the rear suspension system, with lower truss swingarm, according to the school of the best English frame builders.
The fairing is very particular, very original for the time.
16 "front wheel, 18" rear wheel.
The engine prepared by Yoshimura is a Kawasaki 1.000c.c. brought to 1.270c.c. with vacuum carburetors, to increase recovery at low revs, mounted at a later time by Mosna (Yoshimura kit).
In his last race in Garzeto (BS) the carburetor jets were modified by the Mosna Team with considerable benefit for the delivery of power to the wheel.
The performance of the bike is impressive: it covers 400 meters. from standstill in 2.48 seconds, equivalent to an output speed of 238.46 kph. The engine runs at 14,000 rpm.
Ignition key switch under the tank.
Absolute value motorcycles with innovative solutions for the time. Motorcycle in excellent condition ready to be driven.

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