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1969 BMW R 50

R 50
Engine Size
Conservative Restoration
Number plate
Original paperwork
In order
ASI “Targa oro” plaque

€ 15,500

At the end of the World War, Germany was ordered not to build motorcycles with a displacement greater than 250 cm³, so that in 1948 the production of BMW, restarted in Munich, restarts with a lean and essential light motorbike, the R24 with a 250 cm³ engine.
But over the years, after reduction of the production limitations imposed by the Allies, BMW began to expand the range with increasingly performing and comfortable models, but with a basic technique that has remained almost unchanged (even aesthetically between 1949 models and those of the following 20 years.
In the second half of the 1950s, the entire motorcycle market underwent a significant downturn. The motorbike, far from being a means of entertainment, was almost always a means of transport, gradually supplanted by the growing diffusion of cars, especially the small cars which, although more expensive, gave greater comfort and transport capacity to an audience that was beginning to glimpse a new nascent comfort.
Today, BMW motorcycles are at the top of construction technology, with performances and safety standards of absolute world value.

Our BMW R 50

- Motorcycle with regular papers.
- Chassis and engine no. 648279
- ASI Gold Plate n.3246
- FIVA registration
- Restored respecting the original configuration
- Mechanics and frame in excellent condition
- 4-stroke engine
- Cardan transmission
- 4-speed gearbox
- Painted in the original black livery with double white profiles
- Mufflers in excellent condition
- When switched on, the engine runs full and without drops in power.
- Drum brakes

An iconic bike for true enthusiasts of the German brand, which still today express charm and strength and power.

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