1964 Volkswagen T1 "21 windows"

T1 "21 Vetri"
Engine Size
Odometer (km)
Body colour
Blue White - Turquoise
Interior colour
Blue White - Turquoise
Reggio Emilia


Engine n. 6984784
Chassis n. 1315488
Displacement 1192 cc
Absolute perfectly restored

The Samba Bus T1 was studied by Ben Pon, a Volkswagen entrepreneur from USA who decided to create a commercial vehicle based on the Beetle, after a visit in Wolfsburg. The inspiration came from the Plattenwagen, a mechanized trolley made by VW workers, used to transport stuffs between the company's departments.
In April 1947 Pon sketched the lines of the van, outlined the stretches that now are unique and iconic. The project convinced management, but Ben Pon's idea began to become a reality in 1950, the year production officially began.
Today the most sought after T1 is the Samba Bus, with “21 windows” and the panoramic roof represents the most "luxurious" variant among the vehicles in the category. Not a van, but a way of life!
In the 1960s they were the interpreters of a real cultural revolution linked to the concept of freedom as a new lifestyle on four wheels. Enthusiasts refer to the different “Typ 2” models by the number of side windows.
From the 1964 model with a larger rear window, the rear corner windows were eliminated, so the DeLuxe models had 13 and 21 windows, respectively. Later, the Typ2 was nicknamed "Samba Bus".

The production of the T1 ceased in 1967 but even today it is an icon for everyone, collectors are always looking for the legendary Volkswagen minibus.

Our Volkswagen Samba Bus T1 – 21 Windows
Total restoration with the highest level of refinements according with the specifications of the original vehicle.
Completed in 2017, it involved the bodywork, shell, chassis, and engine, with disassembly, restoration, and replacement of each component.
The light green and white painting is the most famous color combination of the time. Moldings, emblems, handles and frames new headlights, as well as front and rear bumpers.
Much of the internal instrumentation is the original one, overhauled and reinstalled, such as the steering wheel, odometer, and clock on the dashboard.
The seats have been completed restored and covered in ton sur ton (They follow the body painting).
The engine starts without delay and is perfectly tuned.
Rims regenerated with new tires.
This T1 “21 Windows” is today an iconic object that made the history of four wheels in the second half of the last century and can satisfy any fan of the genre.
For sale in Ruote da Sogno showroom, Reggio Emilia.