1958 Lancia Appia GTZ

Lancia Appia has always been targeted by the most attentive collectors, thanks to its precious chassis designed by atelier Zagato.

An extremely rare piece, with double hump roof configuration and tail without fins, still looking magnificent with its metallic silver livery, as it was requested by Gentlemen Driver at the Milan’s bodywork.

The aluminum shade let you perceive how good was the work of all the craftsmen who created its sculptural shape.

The sophisticated ivory and burgundy leather interiors together with its refined lines seats, create a perfect combination of elegance and sportiness, features that have always distinguished the Zagato brand.

Additional features are conferred to this race sample by lightweight “Borrani Bimetallic” wheels.

Appia GTZ
Engine Size
Amazing and so Rare 1957 Lancia Appia Zagato GTZ Double Bubbles cover lights,
The car had produced in 1957 and registered in 1958, during his life had a cosmetic Lancia Appia Zagato GTZ body restoration.
The body and undercarriage are solid and rust-free, with no evidence of damages.
All the complete interior is in really good condition His entirely paint continue to shine beautifully.
Also accompanying the car are black italian plates old libretto with pages.
ASI certificate
The car is in perfect condition in every single parts and everything works good.

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