2004 Lotus Elise 111 R

Elise 111 R
Displacement (cc)
rok výroby
Mileage (Km)
External color
Old English White
Internal color
Black / Bordeaux Leather
Manual 6 Speed

€ 58 000

In August 1993 Lotus Cars was acquired by the Bugatti Automobili SpA brand, led by Romano Artioli. The will of the Italian entrepreneur is to bring the Lotus brand back into a prestigious position in the production of sports cars, following the original footsteps and philosophy of Colin Chapman who had made Lotus glorious.
Thus was born the idea of developing a light and minimalist car, taking advantage of aeronautical technology. A true sports car without compromise.
The lightness and essentiality of the Elise therefore fully reflect the idea of a sports car according to Colin Chapman's motto "Less is more", with a 68 kg aluminum-silicon chassis, with non-servo-assisted brakes and steering and a position driving a few centimeters from the ground in an aluminum tank to ensure the driver a "go kart feeling" experience.
No airbags, seat padding reduced to a minimum on the Elise, all the superfluous has been eliminated to make the car as light as possible for the benefit of an unforgettable driving experience. In fact, the Elise creates a feeling with the driver that not even more famous cars can match.
This model we propose is an ELISE R which at the time of its appearance on the market represented the most powerful version (with naturally aspirated engine).
The car was equipped with the 192 HP 1.8 Toyota engine weighing just 860 kg. Numbers that speak for themselves and guarantee surprising performance: 241 km / h top speed and 5.2 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h. The ideal car for having fun on the circuit and on the most tortuous mountain passes.
The soul of this machine is highlighted through the essentiality and absolute rigor towards a unique project in the world. A fully accomplished philosophy in a car that distorts the classic canons of evaluation, but constitutes a point of reference for those who focus everything on pure driving pleasure
The Elise has created a separate car segment, known as a "light car" of which Lotus has always been the reference point.
Unfortunately, a few months ago Lotus announced the discontinuation of production of the ELISE, which will be replaced with models that are always focused on performance, more sophisticated but less pure and essential.
This Lotus twist was not appreciated by many purists, which immediately made the Elise an increasingly desired and sought after collector's car. A true instant classic.

Our Lotus Elise 111 R
- Car in very good general condition
- Of splendid paint not visible without scratches
- Perfectly efficient engine
- Instrumentation and interior in excellent condition
- Burgundy leather and fabric seats
- Black hood in very good condition

The Elise is a rare car to find in these conditions, certainly destined to continue its price growth in the coming years.

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