2002 Mercedes-Benz SL 500

SL 500
Displacement (cc)
rok výroby
Mileage (Km)
External color
Metallic Silver
Internal color
Blue Leather
Automatic 5 Speed

Sold on 13.01.2023

Max Power: 306 Hp - 225 Kw
Engine: V8 - 5000cc
Paint Metallic Silver
Interiors and seats Blue Leather

The Stuttgart Roadster arrives in its fifth series, the new Mercedes "SL", equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 with 225 kW-306 hp, is a hyper-technological, as well as spectacular, open sports car with a retractable hard top that recovers numerous stylistic values of the unforgettable progenitors.
Futuristic solutions and objectively impressive hi-tech contents are concentrated on this car, even if those who choose it will do so only for the incomparable allure of the public image.
It is the fate of many beautiful machines: you fall in love, rightly, with their appearance, forgetting the numerous avant-garde solutions that make them objects of the highest design caliber. Indeed, the complex of qualities is exceptional and not only in reference to the static analysis of the car.
The road behavior, for example, is impeccable: a multitude of electronic devices watch over the active safety of the "SL", significantly reducing driving pleasure, but also eliminating the possibility of putting oneself in dangerous situations.
Situations that, on the other hand, could arise from the disarming beauty of the bodywork or from the dramatic movement of the metal roof when it folds into the trunk. In these cases, it is enough to ask for help from the 306 horsepower of the V-eight cylinder to quickly escape from the glares of envy.
The 500 SL also maintains the classic mechanical setting, with longitudinal front engine and rear wheel drive. The 5-speed manual gearbox, with first at the bottom in the attack versions of the range, while it is 4-speed automatic on the rest of the range. On request it was also possible to have an electronically controlled self-locking differential.

- Bodywork, engine and interiors are in very good condition
- No sign of rust in the whole bodywork
- The car has been regularly serviced by the previous owner
- Electric Top perfectly working
- Duplicate of the keys

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