2001 Ferrari 360 Spider "Manuale"

360 Spider "Manuale"
Displacement (cc)
Manufacturing Year
Mileage (Km)
Body Style
External color
Modena Yellow
Internal color
Manual 6 Speed
sold on 12.01.2021

*Coachwork Design: Pininfarina
*Color: Giallo Modena (Modena Yellow) - Matching Color
*Year of manufacture: 2001
*Chassis No. ZFFYT53B000122019
*Engine No. 59488 – Matching Number
*Engine: 8-Cylinder V shape
*Displacement: 3.586 cc
*MaxPower/revs: 294 KW (400 CV) 8.500 giri/min.
*Mac Torque: 373 Nm
*Wheeldrive: Posteriore
*Transmission: Manual 6 Speed
*Odometer reading: 52.000 kms
*Ferrari Warranty Card of 4/01/2001

The History of the Ferrari 360 Modena
Since the introduction of its first series of V8 models in the mid-1970s, Ferrari has stood out for innovative design features, such as retractable headlights, arrow front and angular bodywork.
This tradition began with the four-seater Dino and continued with the Ferrari 308 and Ferrari 328 models to essentially end, at the end of the 1990s, with the Ferrari F355, when the angularity was gradually softened, according to the new stylistic dictates of the design of end of the century.
The Ferrari F355 technically represented a huge leap in quality for the models produced in Maranello and the new design concept had its perfect synthesis in the new Ferrari 360 Modena, launched in 1999 and remained in the range until 2005.
The new concept required a pool of technical partners to create the design and materials together, also involving a series of historic suppliers of the Maranello company, so as to share together the new solutions that would give life to the new Ferrari 360 Modena.
The most important innovation, in this sense, was certainly the newly designed aluminum frame which, thanks to its special alloy, guaranteed greater torsional rigidity, but also a lower weight than the frame of the previous F355.
Getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari always represents a unique, fascinating experience, which goes beyond the normal canons of judgment.
The Italian Spider (derived from the "360 Modena" and equipped with the same "3600 V8" engine capable of 294 kW/400 HP at 8500 rpm) does not disappoint expectations, so much so that it is always very fast in all tests, but also safe and reliable.
And it is precisely the perfect balance between performance and road quality, the best feature of this sports car, which could be used safely in everyday traffic, but also to obtain great satisfaction, whenever it was possible to unleash the four hundred horses of its very generous engine.
Production closed in 2005, approximately 50% of the "360 Spiders" released by Maranello will end up in the United States, especially California and Florida, due to the characteristics of the car.

Our Ferrari 360 Spider
The car was first delivered to Gilbert Lestrade, the first owner, on 4/01/2001, by Charles Pozzi, a well-known Ferrari dealer in Toulouse.
Since 2001 the car has always been meticulously overhauled and maintained at the highest levels of efficiency and today it is in excellent condition of bodywork and mechanics, sparkling in the rare Giallo Modena color.
This is a rare and sought-after version with a manual gearbox, since at the time most of the customers opted for the automatic/sequential gearbox.
The engine runs full and flawless, able to unload all its devastating 400 horsepower to the ground and even in the road test it has fully demonstrated all its determination.
Braking is progressive and without embarrassment, excellent road holding.
The gearbox has absolutely precise and fast clutches, thanks to the sensors that automatically adjust the opening of the accelerator during shifting, to make the operation smoother.
The black leather interior is in excellent condition, the equipment is completed with double airbags, air conditioning, electric windows and a stereo system.
Thanks to its soft lines, which still today maintain the dictates of contemporaneity intact, without being affected by the twenty years since its debut, this Ferrari 360 Spider remains a car with a strong impact on enthusiasts, as when it was first presented to the public.
This beautiful Ferrari 360 Spider has traveled only 52'000 kms and represents an excellent compromise between price and kilometers and is still perfectly capable of satisfying the demands of any collector.
Also supplied with the car is the original leather book, complete with the certificates and coupons carried out and the tool kit with replacement bulbs, contained in an elegant leather-colored case.
Today it is possible to view the car online, by booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.

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