1989 Lancia Delta HF Integrale 8V Gr. A "Bi-Pedale"

Delta HF Integrale 8V Gr. A "Bi-Pedale"
Displacement (cc)
rok výroby
External color
White - Martini Livery
Internal color
Sparco Racing Seats
6 Speed Dog Gearbox - Abarth Type R70
In-line 4, Turbo
White, Original, Turin

€ 480 000

Chassis no. 0059853
Engine Type 831 05. 000
Gearbox 6 Speed Dog Gearbox - Abarth Type R70
Engine Turbo In-Line 4
White original license plate, Turin
Abarth Classic Certificate for the mechanical parts
FIA Passport valid until 31/12/2026
The only one cars in the world of the the three made that is still running with this gearbox

Presented as an evolution of the Delta HF 4WD at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1987, the Delta HF Integrale was renewed in some details, both stylistic and mechanical.
The new version was externally recognizable by the enlarged fenders, the new design of bumpers and miniskirts, the front air intakes, and the engine hood and the 15" instead of 14-inch alloy wheels. The improvements made to the mechanical part, concerned suspension, braking system and engine power, a 1995cc engine that went from 165 hp to 185 hp, thanks to a Garrett T3 intercooler turbine and a renewed electronic management.
The Delta Integrale was presented by Lancia with the precise aim of winning the 1988 World Rally Championship, a direct descendant of the Delta HF 4WD, which had triumphed with Kankkunen in the 1987 edition, monopolizing the Brands and Drivers titles.
After repeating both World Rally titles also in 1988, the Delta HF Integrale "8V" (so it was unofficially renamed a posteriori), was further enhanced the following year, thanks to the introduction of the new engine with 4-valve distribution per cylinder. The Delta HF Integrale 16V was officially born.
At the end of his career and in 6 seasons in the World Rally Championship, the spoils collected by Delta HF Integrale in its various evolutions, counted 35 victories and 96 podiums. Before that no car could boast a Palmares of this type.

- The car has the Martini livery on, like the one used during the Rally of Portugal in 1989 (For the World Rally Championship), with the no. 5, driven by Didier Auriol and Occelli
- This Delta is the last one still running of the only three made equipped with this sperimental Abarth Type R70 electric cluth gearbox.
- A stunning historic rally car with a incredible value, wellknowed as "bi-pedale" (two pedals) for the absence of the clutch pedal near the brake pedal.
- This car come for sale complete with certificates confirming the originality of the Abarth components.

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