1985 March F3000 85B-16

F3000 85B-16
Displacement (cc)
rok výroby
External color
Reggio Emilia

€ 98 000

Chassis No. 16
Displacement 3000 cc
Year 1985
Condition: Used, currently in restoration
Engine: Alfa Romeo (Not original one)
The History
There was a time when the F1 World Champion's single seater was relegated to the lower series, in cadet Formula, finishing soundly beaten by competitors, younger, more agile and comfortable. And all this happens not a century ago, but during the 1985 season, in a strange context, very original and worthy of being remembered and relived. At the end of 1983, the F1 fleet of cars and engines is in decommissioning and work is being done to find a smart way to recycle the whole thing. So, it was decided to make the old and beloved F2 die, giving life to the new category called F3000, named after the displacement of the iconic Ford Cosworth, the backbone of the new cadet formula. The main rule was that F3000 teams could use the F1 engine naturally aspirated, but with a 9000 rev limiter.
The 1985 European Formula 3000 season, initially scheduled for 11 races, was only 10. 14 teams with 33 drivers took part and represented the debut of this glorious category.
Thanks to its excellent balance, the March 85B was the car to beat in the inaugural F3000 season that saw Christian Danner triumph at the wheel of a privately registered specimen.

Our March 85B-16 F3000
This March 85B -16 one -seater is complete with all its mechanical and body parts.
The car has a clean racing history: has participated to the 1st F3000 World Championship in 1985, driven by Juan Fangio II (grandson of the Myth of motoring.) with the no. 21.
Among his best placements two 6th place on the tracks of Pau and Spa-Francorchamps circuits.