1980 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT 1.6

Alfa Romeo
Alfetta GT
Displacement (cc)
Manufacturing Year
Body Style
External color
Giallo Piper (Piper Yellow)
Internal color
Blue - Brown
Manual 5 Speed
Black, Forlì
sold on 31.05.2021

Chassis No.: AR0011742
Odometer reading: 17168 Kms

Painting: Giallo Piper (Yellow Piper)
Condition: Well Mantained, “first painting”
Black original italian plate
LPG System

The History
The Alfetta GT officially debuted in June 1974, in a not so favorable historical moment to launch sports cars, due to the energy crisis and the introduction of speed limits. In short, the general climate that reigned in those years heavily penalized especially those manufacturers which, like Alfa Romeo, had price lists all projected towards driving brilliance.
Giorgetto Giugiaro had to create a car suitable for all the families and for this reason decided to adopt the hatch instead of a more traditional bonnet to access the trunk.
The Alfetta GT 1.6 (type 116.04) was equipped with the same engine that from 1975 had also been introduced in the range of the Alfetta sedan and did not present large differences compared to the previous 1800 cc and although rarer, but less sought after than the1800, it had a fair commercial success. It was produced until 1980 in only 16,923 units.

Our Alfetta GT 1600
Beautiful specimen preserved "first paint" with impeccable sheet metal.
The engine was kept by its last owner in perfect efficiency.
The car was equipped with a LPG system, specially mounted by the previous owner to be able to drive in areas with traffic restrictions.
Cut and overhauled with new radiator, drains and battery.
Tires 100%.
The instrumentation is the original one and is fully functional.
The interiors are excellently preserved, as are the original seats, door panel coverings, and carpeting on the floor. It is a model extremely appreciated by fans of the Arese brand and able to satisfy even the most demanding of collectors.

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