1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV Turbodelta Gr.4

Alfa Romeo
Alfetta GTV Turbodelta Gr. 4
Displacement (cc)
rok výroby
External color
Internal color
Black, Turin

Sold on 22.04.2022

*Chassis No. AR0026415§
*Approval: OM19395
*FIA Approval n.668
*Color: Red (Autodelta Livery)
*Car Origin: Italia
*Chips for rally and competitions
*Registered in Italy on 20/11/1979

The History of the Alfa Romeo GTV Turbodelta
In the second half of the 1970s, road rallies had a large following, even minor ones and a victory in a test often had the same consideration as a triumph on the track in the Touring Championships. At the time, the car that immediately showed great potential for Alfa Romeo was the Alfetta GT, so it was natural to think of a car capable to race in the World Rally Championship. The Alfetta GTV 2000L was presented in 1978 and had a power of only 130 HP so that the Autodelta technicians switched to a turbo, a solution that at the end of the 70s was not much loved by the Alfa Romeo designers, which were figuring out how to reduce fuel consumption.
The GTV Turbodelta was produced in the years '79 and '80 and in just 400 units, all marked in the booklet with the initials: "Alfa Romeo Autodelta 116 36".
Between this 400 "limited" version, only some had been transformed by Autodelta into Group 4 Rally cars, in order to officially compete in the Rally Championship, while another small part was used as "experimental cars" to test its efficiency or to search for new technical solutions, which would later be adopted into races.
The result was a very enjoyable, powerful, fast and flexible car, with a vigorous accelleration from 1500 rpm, while around 3000 rpm the turbo kicks with force, giving the driver a very good sensations.
The Alfetta GTV now had an engine capable of making the most of the great qualities of the Alfa chassis.
A distinctive feature of the GTV Turbodelta, remains the iconic rainbow-colored fascia at the bottom of the sides.

Our Alfa Romeo GTV Turbodelta Gr4
This car with FIA Group 4 homologation was part of the experimental group of cars that Autodelta devoted to research and development for racing. Under its hood, roars one of the rare turbocharged carburettor engines, specially developed by the Alfa Romeo racing department, then headed by the legendary engineer Carlo Chiti. As originally, the car comes in a rally configuration and some modifications made can be considered unique, thanks to the experimentation of innovative mechanical solutions made by the Alfa Romeo Race department.
The first owner of this GTV is “Alfa Romeo SPA” and this would indicate that the company is being used for testing purposes.
To date, the car maintains its Gr.4 rally configuration and is ideal for historical events and rallies, such as the “Rally Legend”. Car equipped with black plates and chips for competitions.
Very rare car, ideal for collectors of classic racing cars
Today it is possible to view the car online, by booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.