1975 Kawasaki 500 Mach III H1E

500 Mach III H1E
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Restauro Conservativo

Sold on 22.04.2022

The History
After the release of the 500 H1 Mach III in 1969, nothing in the world of two wheels, was more the same; she marked the first chapter of an epic that involved throngs of young people attracted by its modern line, captivating graphics and rather effective advertising.
This 3-cylinder, 2-stroke, 60 horsepower, reached incredible speeds, had a burning shot, was born to wheelie and had a roar with an unmistakable sharp tone.
All this, in a context dominated by English, Italian and German motorcycles rather boring in every respect, which even the Japanese themselves had become accustomed to in the early 60's following the production model.
The frame was based on a closed double cradle structure on which the cylindrical tri-stood out particularly. It was of a rather simple and robust design, equipped with a composite primary shaft, rotating on 6 main bearings, and built to withstand the overabundant drive torque.
The elegant line, the accurate finishes, the good handling and the low purchase price contributed to the widespread diffusion of the "H1", but more than any other feature the difficulty of keeping the front wheel adherent to the ground during accelerations, giving the driver and any spectators a feeling of irrepressible power.

The evolutions
The second series, the "H1A" of 1971, condensed a whole series of small improvements made to the patent during the production of the first 20 thousand units. The "H1B" released in 1972 ( equipped with an efficient front disc brake). The "H1D" of 1973, after over 70 thousand units, marked a decisive turning point, with a redesign of the chassis that increased safety.
The subsequent “H1E” and “H1F”, from 1974 and 1975, were characterized by minor aesthetic and technical updates.
The eighth and last of the family was the "KH" of 1976, now however weakened and made more tame.

Our Kawasaki 500 Mach III H1E

- Motorcycle with regular papers
- Excellent conservative restoration, respecting the original components.
- Odometer 12903
- Frame no. F27318
- Engine no. 97364
- Efficient mechanics
- Flawless paint in the original green / black livery
- Original instrumentation.
- Exhausts, rims and tires in good condition
- When switched on, the engine runs full and without drops in power.
- Technical specifications:
- Engine: 2-stroke, 3-cylinder 498cc, air-cooled, max. 60hp at 8,000 rpm, 5 gears.
- Power supply: 3 Mikuni VM28SC carburettors
- Front disc brake, rear drum brake.

Shipments in Italy and abroad
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