1972 Fiat 124 Sport Rally Abarth

124 Sport Rally Abarth
Displacement (cc)
Manufacturing Year
Mileage (Km)
Body Style
External color
Internal color
€ 85 000

*Designer: Pininfarina
*Engine: 4 cylinders in line
*Power: 128 HP
*Chassis: 124CSA0061873
*Power supply: petrol
*Transmission: mechanical 5-speed + RM
*Drive: Rear-wheel Drive
*Condition: restored
*Configuration: street
*Number of seats: 2
*Guide: left-hand drive
*Documents: regular
*Certifications: Fiat Registry n. 428/14


The 1970 Turin Motor Show opened its doors on November 3 "under the banner of optimism". 

Among the 515 exhibitors stood out the stand of the host Fiat, which presented the 124 Familiare, but above all the new 124 Sport Spider to the public.
Designed by Pininfarina, it re-proposed a good part of the mechanics of the 124 sedan but was born immediately with some very specific sporting characteristics and for the quality of the finishes, accessories and colors. The soft top had a vinylite rear window and also included two side windows that retracted at the same time as the soft top was lowered. For the bodywork, the interiors were also well cared for with anatomical seats, wood finishes and a very rich instrumentation for the time: dashboard with speedometer, electric oil pressure gauge, water thermostat and electronic tachometer.
A star was born: the car met with great success in the United States and in 1969 the second generation was presented, followed by the third in '72, also available in the new "1800" version with powers of 108 and 118 hp, both capable of overcoming the 180 km / h top speed. In the same year, the Fiat 124 Abarth Rally was launched as road base for the competitive commitment in Group 4.
In the competitive field, the 124 Abarth enjoyed numerous successes in the national, world and European fields, winning two titles in 1972 and 1975 with the pilots Pinto and Verini
Compared to the normal 124 spiders, the Fiat 124 Abarth Rally Gr.4 benefited from a more powerful engine, a hard top and bonnet in fiberglass and aluminum doors, which allowed a significant reduction in overall weight. The mechanics also received important improvements, such as: independent rear wheels, self-locking differential, rear roll bar, reduced weight and a brilliant 1,800cc twin-shaft engine, which combined with a close gearbox make the car extremely fun and responsive.

Our Fiat 124 Rally Sport ABARTH

This car is in street configuration with regular number plates and documents and it has recently undergone a major restoration.

The car has been regularly maintained in full efficiency over the years.
The engine has recently been overhauled and all parts are regularly allocated in full compliance with the original components.
The interior is kept in top condition and all instruments work perfectly. There is also an internal roll bar.
Finding the original 124 street Abarths is increasingly difficult, as many of them were modified for sporting use in competitions. Furthermore, the road version was produced only between '72 and '75, building just over a thousand
Today it is possible to see the car online, by arranging a call with one of our experts, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet.

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