1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal

Alfa Romeo
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Matching Colors & Numbers
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Sold on 21.04.2022

Power: 200 HP at 6,000 rpm.
Chassis: AR 1426499
Condition: Restored
Certifications: "ASI Certificate of Historical Relevance" n.232362 of 10/02/2016

It was 1966 when Alfa Romeo was chosen to create a car model that could represent the "maximum aspiration attainable by man in car terms".
In this regard, the president Giuseppe Luraghi entrusted the construction of the chassis to the technical office and to Bertone company the study of the bodywork and interiors.
They succeeded in this and the following year in 1967, at the Universal Exhibition in Montreal, Alfa Romeo thus presented the first version of its masterpiece: the "Montreal".
The public immediately appreciated its clean and balanced lines: the hood lowered and stretched forward to give the idea of ​​speed, the headlights half hidden by grids, the rear pillar lightened by slits and with the tail cut rather high to impart stability and aesthetic power to the car. 
The House, however, had not yet defined every detail (such as the not yet tested engine), in fact the official version only entered the Geneva Motor Show in 1970 at a price of 5.700.000 lire.
From an aesthetic point of view it turned out to be slightly taller with a bulkier bonnet to accommodate the eight cylinders. The engine was substantially modified in order to make it more docile and suitable for road use.
The performance was nevertheless first-rate: 200 horsepower at 6000 rpm, 24 kgm of torque at 4750 rpm, 224 km / h of top speed and a 0-100 km / h in about 7 seconds.
A mass production of the Montreal was hampered by the contemporary oil crisis which delayed the exit of the car, prolonging production until 1977. Only a few units were built, exactly 3925 units.
It was of course the car of the road and of the race, but it soon became also a cinema "character", in fact in a scene from the movie "The marseille contract" you can admire a reckless and amusing chase between Maureen Kerwin (Lucienne), on board of a Porsche 911 Targa, and Michael Kaine (John Deray) in an Alfa Romeo Montreal.

Our Alfa Romeo Montreal
- Engine numbers and chassis numbers match to the Alfa Romeo Historical Register.
- CRS Certificate of Historical Relevance.
- This example in its original color was recently repainted by a specialized Alfa Romeo body shop, keeping its original orange color.
- On a mechanical level, major restoration works have recently been carried out, and today the car is in excellent general condition.
- The car has remained in Italy since its first registration, it has an original Rome plate number with the name of the province in orange.
- On the road it keeps all the past promises : it boasts a very high level of grip and its powerful and elastic V8 proves surprisingly easy to drive.

This model has today obtained the definitive consecration as one of the most interesting Alfa Romeos ever and it is an interesting investment for the collector who wants to aim for a “passion investment” to be used for historical gatherings or for simple pleasure.
Abroad, Montreal holds even higher prices than in Italy, where in some cases it has reached really high prices.

Today it is possible to see the car online by arranging a call with one of our experts via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet.