1970 Alfa Romeo Duetto 1750 "osso di seppia"

Alfa Romeo
Duetto 1750 "osso di seppia"
Displacement (cc)
Manufacturing Year
Mileage (Km)
Body Style
External color
Internal color
Manual 5 Speed
sold on 16.04.2021
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Chassis Number: 1412510
Max Power 122 HP/91 kW  5550 rev/min
Max Speed: 183 kph
Recent Restoration

The History
In 1966 Alfa Romeo introduced the “Spider 1600", a Alfa Romeo with the beautiful engine of the Giulia Sprint GT. The shape, as Alfa Romeo said, looked like a cuttlefish bone, by virtue of the rounded front and tail, connected by the convex sides, with a rather low belt line. The tail, tapered transversely and longitudinally, follows the dictates of the most classic boat-tail type. From the start the car proved very popular. Spider's mechanical bases were practically identical to those of the Giulia sedan and included independent front suspension, spiral suspension rear axle and servo-trained disc brakes on all four wheels. In December 1968 the was presented also the “Spider 1750 Veloce”, a vitaminized Duetto, equipped with the engine of the newborn GT 1750 Veloce. Under the hood we find the AR00548 engine of the 1750 series of 1.8 liters that developed a power of 118 hp, but which nevertheless led to an increase in the weight of the Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce from 990 kg to 1040 kg.
Externally this version was characterized by the adoption of the 14" rims with bigger tires and the rearview mirror on the door (in the previous version installed on the fender), while on the rear bonnet under the Alfa Romeo coat of arms the inscription "1750" stood out.
Inside stands out the beautiful three-spoke Hellebore steering wheel with wooden crown and the adoption of the large ashtray with its cigar lighters. Commercially the "Biscione" spider remains one of the most successful cars, until 1994 with the enviable result of 124,105 units sold.

Our Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce
In the recent times has been completed a total restoration of the bodywork and therefore no sign of rust is present on the car.
Bumpers, moldings and handles are new.
The engine has been completely overhauled and many parts replaced or restored to new, like the interiors as well as the seats, door panel coverings and carpeting on the floor.
The original instrumentation is fully functional, with a beautiful three-spoke wooden Hellebore steering wheel.
The gearbox is smooth and with precise gears.
This Duetto is today an object extremely appreciated by fans of the Arese brand, able to satisfy even the most demanding of collectors.

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