1966 Mercedes-Benz SL 230 Pagoda

SL 230 Pagoda
Displacement (cc)
Manufacturing Year
Body Style
External color
Internal color
Manual 4 Speed
€ 110 000

Chassis no. 11304210006169
Engine In-line 6
Gearbox Manual 4 Speed
WheelDrive Rear (RWD)
Power 148 HP
Max Speed 200 kph

Officially presented in 1963 at the Geneva Motor Show, the 230 SL represents a car with a marked personality.
Its elegant design, with refined finishes and a noteworthy engine, makes it one of the most beautiful and iconic cars in its segment.
It is a Gran Turismo capable of providing an excellent mix between comfort and driving pleasure, which in the original "pagoda" cut of the hard top, turns into an elegant coupé in the cold season.
At the ends of the front stand large headlights, incorporated into the glass fairing, like that of the 220 and 300 sedans.
The silhouette of the trunk is flat, the two small bumpers under the tail lights make it very original.
The sides are enhanced by large glass and a rather low belt line.
The interiors are very well cared for, comfortable and spacious seats.
Access to the cockpit is easy, even with the hard top, thanks to the width of the doors on which comfortable rigid pockets are made.

The "heart" of the 230 SL is a six-cylinder in-line of 2306 cc, SOHC, able to deliver a maximum power of 148 hp, positioned front with RWD traction and four-speed gearbox.
The braking system is mixed: front disc and drum on the rear.
The Mercedes 230 SL has been a great commercial success internationally, especially in the US market where it has reached its consecration.
Even today, thanks to the classic and timeless line and its ease of driving, the 230 SL remains an iconic car always coveted by collectors all over the world.

This 230 SL Pagoda is in impeccable condition, thanks to the meticulous restoration to which it has been subjected recently

- New engine.
- Bright red leather interior completely restored to new, as well as door panels.
- The instrumentation is fully functional, with all new components, like the original Becker car radio.
- The steering wheel is in white and metal bakelite with the red leather horn and the gear lever is original.
- Bumpers, grilles, moldings, writing and new emblems, as well as headlights, and the rearview mirror.
- The black capote is new and works perfectly.
- New rims and tires.

This iconic car, ready to participate in historic races and events, is now able to satisfy even the most demanding of collectors and could be consider itself an investment destined to revalue in the coming years.
It is possible to see the car online, booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and Google Meet platforms.

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