1965 Triumph TR4 A

Displacement (cc)
Manufacturing Year
Mileage (Km)
Body Style
External color
Internal color
Manual 4 Speed
ASI Gold Plate
sold on 18.06.2021

Displacement 2138 c.c.
Cylinder 4-in line
Max Power: 104 HP

Certificate and Statements: ASI GOLD PLATE No. A3041
FIVA ID Card: No. 014066

The History
The TR4A (Triumph Roadster 4A) was a sports roadster produced by Triumph from 1965 to 1967 that represented the evolution of the TR4 model designed by Giovanni Michelotti, and assembled in Italy by Ducati for a really short period of time.
La TR4A had a totally new chassis and a complex rear indipendent wishbone suspension system, in order to make a more drivable car, at least compared to the previous version.
While the engine power remained unchanged, the acceleration was improved thanks to the adoption of new manifolds and new mingers with separate exhausts.
The aesthetic differences between the TR4 and TR4A was indeed really a few details, such as the new grille, the lateral indicators on the sides, the chrome stripes and a new emblem on the engine cover.
On request it was supplied with wooden dashboard and instrumentation with chrome frames.
In the optional list there was also spoked wheels, overdrive, heating system and safety belts. The TR4A was available in "Surrey Top" version, with vynil capote.
Historical note: three TR4As with independent suspensions came in the top three positions of their class, in the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1966.
In 1968, the TR4A was replaced by the TR5 and TR250.

Our Triumph TR4A
Total restoration of the bodywork in recent times with cars in excellent general condition.
New rear and front bumpers, with a well mantained front grille. High beam headlight and metal tubolar trunk mounted on the rear.
Fully overhauled engine, with many components replaced or restored. The car is able to dispense all the original hp.
The gearbox is smooth and with precise gears.
The interiors has been restored recently, so the black seats with white finishes and the interiors door panels coatings.
The original Jaeger dials and dashboard is perfectly working with the original Triumph steering wheel.
Black Capote very well mantained: there are no water infiltration from the inside.
Original spoked wheels with new tyres.
A real British Car with an unchanged charm with stable value over the time, able to please the most demanding enthusiast of the Triumph brand.
This car participated in many historical re-enactments, including the Historical Rally of Sanremo in 1994.

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